‘Rick And Morty’ Confirms Multiple Seasons In Production

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Nick Davis

Major players behind Rick and Morty are confirming that more seasons beyond Season 7 are already in the works.

Rick and Morty has six seasons under its belt right now. The dark comedy sci-fi cartoon has found massive worldwide success across those 60 episodes. The future of the show was recently cast into doubt with the drama relating to the actions of show co-creator Justin Roiland. But, ahead of the announcement of Season 7’s premiere date, it would seem that R&M is going stronger than ever.

More New Seasons Of Rick And Morty

The confirmation of so much new Rick and Morty in the works comes via a new interview with Adult Swim President Michael Ouweleen and series executive producer Steve Levy. The interview with Premiere is part of a recent 10-year anniversary celebration of the show. In the interview, Ouweleen and Levy mention that there is already more coming beyond Season 7.

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Rick Sanchez of ‘Rick and Morty’

“Season 8 is already fully written,” Levy said when talking to Premiere. “And we managed to draw a good part of Season 9 before the writers’ strike. So we are already talking about Season 10!”

Considering the first trailer for Season 7 isn’t even out yet, already having content for Season 9 done is pretty impressive. It also shows that the team behind the popular cartoon is in overdrive in the wake of Roiland’s removal.

It may seem a little hasty to plan the show so far ahead, though. Nobody yet knows how people will react to a different voice behind the main characters when Season 7 drops. If the response is positive then obviously business can go on as usual and Season 10 makes a lot of sense. But if the backlash to the new Rick and Morty is heavy, then the show might not have thirty more episodes. There are likely going to be angry viewers no matter what. These are extremely iconic characters with very distinct sounds, after all. But the level of anger could vary dramatically based on the voice actor chosen to carry the torch.

An Uncertain Future For The Show

So there are at least three more seasons coming in the future, and there’s even more on top of that. The announcement of Rick and Morty: The Anime came some time ago. Like Season 7 of the main series, the anime should be arriving sometime this year. So there is going to be more Rick and Morty content in 2023 than ever seen by fans in a single year before.

rick and morty the anime logo
The poster for ‘Rick and Morty: The Anime’

Season 7 of Rick and Morty is set to premiere sometime later in 2023.

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