Who Is The New Voice Of ‘Rick And Morty’?

justin roiland and dan harmon
Nick Davis

The Rick and Morty fandom was hit by waves of bad news this week. First, the infuriating revelation of Justin Roiland, the show’s co-creator, getting a domestic battery charge. This was then less surprisingly followed by Adult Swim cutting ties with Roiland. The end result would seemingly be the end of Rick and Morty altogether, but this is apparently not the case. According to Adult Swim, the show will go on without Roiland. But how is this possible?

Roiland was not only a driving creative force but also the literal voice of the show’s titular characters. In the wake of all of the events of the last few days, some fans believe they’ve found a suitable replacement. The question is, will it be the replacement many fans want, or will we see a different voice for Rick and Morty?

A New Voice

There has been no shortage of impersonators for the iconic voices of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith over the years. Everyone thinks they can do a good Rick voice or a good Morty voice or a good Mr. Meseeks voice. But, one man has such an accurate impersonation that even Justin Roiland himself gave the man props. His name is Sean Kelly, and many Rick and Morty fans are now requesting that Adult Swim make him the new voice of the show’s main characters.


A video from Sean’s TikTok showcases Roiland’s praise of his impersonation along with clips of how close their voices are. Sean does impressions of more than just Rick and Morty. He also does a great job impersonating other Roiland characters like Mr. Meseeks and Earl of Lemongrab from Adventure Time.

rick and morty vs genocider anime

Overall, it seems like Sean’s vocal pipes are engineered to perfectly replicate Justin Roiland’s uniquely boisterous voice. Justin even said it himself in a YouTube video reviewing impressions of himself. “If you were to play that next to me doing it people would have a hard time knowing which was which,” Roiland said.

The Future Of Rick And Morty

Regardless of which voice actor they choose to replace Justin Roiland, it’s very unlikely that the show will ever be the same. It’s unknown at this time exactly how Roiland’s departure from the show will affect its trajectory moving forward. Fellow co-creator Dan Harmon has yet to release any kind of statement addressing Justin’s charges. As far as the public is aware, Harmon is still on the Rick and Morty team and will be leading the charge moving forward. Hopefully, we’ll hear something from him about the show and about Roiland soon.

The first 6 seasons of Rick and Morty are out now. Season 7, as of right now, is still underway. We can expect big announcements about the major changes the show will see some time in the near future.

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