‘American Idol’ Luke Bryan Says Katy Perry Was Set Up To Fall

Katy Perry and Luke Bryan on American Idol / YouTube

There have been calls for American Idol to fire Katy Perry, and her fellow judge feels she was set up to fall. Luke Bryan talked about the format of the show and how it makes it impossible to get everything right. As a result, he says the complaints from fans are unavoidable for them week after week.

Here is what Bryan had to say about Katy’s controversy and what he thinks will happen.

Luke Bryan comes to Katy Perry’s defense

Luke Bryan came to the defense of Katy Perry when it comes to the calls from some fans for her to leave American Idol. For the entire season, it seemed like fans hated everything Katy did. When she critiqued a singer, fans bashed her for it. When she praised a singer, fans bashed her for that. It seemed that she had no chance when it came to her decisions each week.

Katy Perry on American Idol / YouTube

Bryan spoke to Fox News about the Katy Perry criticism. Luke said that Katy has dealt with criticism over her entire career. He said that, when it comes to the judges on American Idol, they are not going to bat 1,0000 when it comes to the kids they have to judge on the show. “I think we get set up,” Luke said. He then explained what he meant by this comment.

Luke said that they have to “fall on the sword” a lot when they are judging the singers who show up and compete on American Idol. He said that they know that the fans will get vocal and loud on social media when someone they like – or someone they don’t like – ends up eliminated or moving on. “I think when me and Lionel and Katy sit down at the desk, in our hearts, we’re doing the best we can,” Luke explained.

What is the Katy Perry controversy about?

Luke Bryan said he understands that Katy Perry gets “picked on” for trying to have fun while making a TV show. This past season also saw Katy getting slammed for other things as well. Through the weeks, fans called her out for mom-shaming one contestant. She was also accused of being condescending to another singer by that contestant’s father.

There are also fans who feel that Katy took the attention off the contestants in many cases. During Disney Week, some fans said her constant costumes are just meant to put the spotlight on her. There was also one week when Katy didn’t respond to the singer’s performance. She instead alluded that the fans voted through the wrong person, which angered many fans. Despite this, Luke Bryan feels Katy Perry was set up to fall no matter what she did on the show.

Do you think Katy Perry deserves the backlash she has received on American Idol? Do you agree with Luke Bryan’s comments about them being set up to fall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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