‘AI’ Katy Perry Called Out By Wé Ani’s Dad For Being A Bully

Wé Ani’s dad spoke up and called American Idol judge Katy Perry a bully after her “snarky” comments toward his daughter. This comes after many fans called the show “rigged” when Ani ended up eliminated before the finale.

Here is a look at what Mac McDonald said about Katy about how she treated his daughter.

Wé Ani’s dad slams Katy Perry’s snarky attitude on American Idol

When Wé Ani made it to the Top 5 on Disney Night, she was a favorite for many people to move on to the finals. However, she ended up losing out on the fan votes that night and went home. This was even after she delivered amazing performances of “Into the Unknown” from Frozen II and “The Climb” from Hannah Montana: The Movie. After her elimination, many fans called the show “rigged” and threatened to stop watching.

Someone else who wasn’t happy about it was her father, Mac McDonald. However, he didn’t direct his anger toward the show or the fan voting. He specifically called out Katy Perry, who he said was “snarky” and “bullying” toward his daughter. He said this was even more devastating because of how Wé looked up to the pop star.

Wé Ani on American Idol singing in front of Katy Perry / YouTube

According to Mac, Wé was a massive fan as a child. He said she idolized the singer for years. He then pointed out a moment where that showed through. Before American Idol, Wé was on The Voice. She recorded something while on The Voice and Katy was there watching. Only 17 at the time, Wé excitedly told her dad that Katy was standing next to him watching.

“She still had stars in her eyes as she became exhilarated by living a dream with her proximity to people she had only fantasized about,” her dad said. Mac said that Wé was very excited and it made her entire day. However, he said that all changed on American Idol. “Wé Ani stood in front of someone who she had once idolized devastated her with an undeserved snarky response as a redirect to critiquing her show performance,” he continued. He called it a “dagger in the heart” given by someone she respected.

Mac said this was a lesson learned.

What did Katy Perry say to Wé Ani on American Idol?

Mac didn’t say exactly what Katy said which angered him. However, there are some clues based on Wé moving on in the competition. When Wé performed Adele’s “Skyfall” in the competition to make it to the Top 20, Katy almost dismissed her performance. She said she felt the drama, but she couldn’t concentrate on Wé because she was still thinking about Elijah McCormich’s performance.

Instead of giving Wé any advice, she just told fans to vote and use their voice. Many fans felt Katy was hinting to vote for Elijah. Once again, when Wé moved on to the Top 12, Katy feigned shock at the moment. Wé made it through the round, beating out Elijah McCormick, and Malik Heard. Instead of congratulating Wé, Katy once again urged people to vote for their favorites.

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