‘American Idol’ Slammed As Rigged After We Ani Eliminated

We Ani on American Idol / YouTube

Several American Idol fans were not happy when We Ani ended up eliminated this week heading into the finale. Fans called out the show as being “rigged” after their favorite went home. Here is a look at what happened last night on the show and what this means for the finals.

Fans angry when We Ani is eliminated on American Idol

The last five contestants on American Idol knew last night that only three of them would move on and two were going home. Those singers included We Ani and Zachariah Smith, both finishing in the bottom five. This means Colin Stough, Megan Danielle, and Iam Tongi made it to the finals. However, fans wanted to see Ani particularly moving on.

The 24-year-old singer performed “Into the Unknown” from the Frozen II soundtrack earlier in the episode. The judges loved it. Lionel Richie called her a star and Katy Perry praised her singing. She then sang Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb.” With a full orchestra, she made the song her own.

We Ani on American Idol / YouTube

However, she went home. This left many fans angry and they took it out on American Idol. The final vote came down to the fans, who voted live as the show wore on. However, while the majority of fans didn’t vote for Ani, many believed it was rigged by Idol and was not accurate. They also slammed Colin Stough, who moved on instead of Ani.

One fan took to Twitter and lashed out at American Idol after the fan voting. “We Ani is the best singer in American Idol. She is this generation Whitney Houston. You can’t compare her with Colin or IAm. American Idol is Rigged.”

Fans on Reddit also hated her elimination and started a “We Ani Appreciation Thread” to show their support. One of the comments there might have explained why it wasn’t rigged – the country singer votes. That Redditor blamed it on “that dang country vote, idk why i expected anything different.”

This wasn’t We Ani’s first competition

American Idol wasn’t the first time We Ani competed in a televised music competition. She also competed on The Voice in Season 11. At that time, she went by the name We McDonald. Her Blind Audition at the time turned all four chairs. She joined Team Alicia Keys and made it all the way to third place that season.

That season, the finale three picked up the third most votes in the history of the show at that time. However, Billy Gilman and winner Sundance Head ended up with more than We. Luckily for fans of American Idol, the then 17-year-old never gave up on her dreams.

She auditioned with the Demi Lovato song, “Anyone” and got three “Yes” votes to move on. She then never really had any struggles moving on through the rounds. After the judges moved her into the Top 26 in Hawaii, the fan votes moved her on each week without needing any saves. This all ended in the Top 5 when she finally went home.

What are your thoughts on We Ani losing out in the Top 5 and missing out on the finale on American Idol? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Absolute TRAVESTY that one of the best singers in Idol history, We Ani, is voted off. once again, passed up by an ” aw shucks” country boy….just like when Willie Spence lost!
    We are done with this rigged nonsense!!

    1. Agree. We Ani had the best singing voice. I don’t believe all the votes were counted. The show is rigged.

    2. Thank the democrats. Pushing the woke BS on everyone has backfired and people are pushing back. This poor girl is just an example of this. So talented but she was voted off because of this agenda. They voted in the opposites.

      1. Hey asshole, politics had nothing to do with it, it’s racism plain and simple! You’re the biggest problem in America today, you and the far right’s agenda!

      2. This is a talent competition, not a political agenda. If people vote against WOKE they did her a disservice.

  2. We Ani will be a star. ABC will make a percentage from her career. We’s vocals on TV were obscured by the band loudness. That is the ‘rigging’ to sway votes. ABC must promote other ppl to help them be successful and earn more money for ABC. ABC is a corporation and legally mandated, like all corporations, to make the most money for shareholders; Exactly the same as the Democratic National Committee holding a primary vote for President—then deciding Anyway they want to pick a primary candidate, in-spite of the ‘voting’. Votes don’t need to be ‘miscounted’; Consent votes just need to be manufactured by negative and positive productions.

  3. last time I will watch American Idol. I hope she will go far. look at Jennifer Hudson!!!Oscar,grammy tony!!!

  4. Hellllooooo! Wake up call America! This is a “reality” show!!!! It’s not a competition of talented singers….duh!!!! Why are TV viewers “suckered in” to believing what we see on TV is REAL!!! Are we really that naive???? OMG!!! It’s a joke! It’s entertainment! It’s fantasy!!!c’mon, now….get a grip! Ryan Seacrest has the last laugh….

  5. Will Never watch it again- It’s a popularity contest now- Zach and Ane should have Never been eliminated

    1. I seriously doubt it’s a popularity contest. No way would Colin and Megan have made it (please, I mean no offense to them; they are very talented singers), and Iam is just so popular the show couldn’t eliminate him. There is something else going on. 2 years ago Casey Bishop, by far the most likely to become successful in this business, was eliminated in the same round. I’m quite done with this show.

  6. You may have to think about this one. My wife and I have noticed that in every season the sound quality is better for the ones that go through. Yes, the band and background singers might be too loud, but the person who monitors the microphone is the one that determines the correct balance. We’ve noticed it year over year. Pay attention to the finale. See if you can tell who gets the best sound quality and who doesn’t. If the show is rigged, that is one part of it. The other part is how the producers focus on a specific group of singers and not others. What happened to them? If there is an established bias, then the intent is to “aim” the audience in a defined direction. Those individuals have their story told while others don’t. We enjoy the show but have been left to wonder if there is far too much control on the final outcome.

  7. After Casey Bishop I was suspicious of American Idol “results”. Now I am sure this show is rigged. I knew Iam Tongi would be there because he’s so popular but I certainly did not expect We to be eliminated. I grew up with Whitney Houston and We is just as talented. It is a shame. Megan and Colin are wonderful singers but no American Idols. Nor is Iam (though I adore him). Past American Idols: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, Phillip Philips…All before this latest reincarnation of AI. Y’all remember any of the winners from the past 5 years? Something is fishy!

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