‘American Idol’: Katy Perry Could Get Fired For Bad Behavior?

Katy Perry On Hawaii Night [Source: YouTube]

Katy Perry could get fired for her bad behavior. The American Idol judge has received overwhelming backlash this season. Fans don’t like the way she has treated the contestants. Most of them have called her a “bully.” Others vowed to not watch this season of Idol until she’s gone. Keep on reading to learn more.

AI producers want to fire Katy Perry

According to a new report, the American Idol producers want to fire Katy Perry. The social media backlash has been loud and they’re listening to the fanbase. Most of the viewers have found it hard to watch this season because of Katy’s behavior. Insiders called out her “rude and condescending” comments to the contestants.

“Katy has come under fire for harsh comments in the past, and now fans are upset over the way she humiliated a singing duo,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “She demanded they perform before they’d had a chance to rehearse and then blasted their work as ‘underwhelming’ in front of a national audience!”

Katy Perry [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
At the beginning of the season, Katy Perry humiliated a lot of the hopefuls during the audition. Now, people aren’t happy with the way she’s treating the contestants as the show films its live shows on the big stage. The backlash came after Sara Beth Liebe called out Katy for mom-shaming. The 25-year-old mom of three admitted that her audition was embarrassing.

Katy Perry thought she was funny for telling the singer that she’s “been laying on the table too much.” She dramatically flopped onto the table before getting up and staggering away. Fellow judge Luke Bryan shared some kind words for Sara Liebe and so did Lionel Richie. Viewers didn’t like Katy’s diss toward the contestant.

The backlash against the “Teenage Dream” singer

She has received more backlash this season as a result. Some even took to the official American Idol Instagram page to react. Most of them want Katy Perry gone after this season. They argue that she’ll cut down the women contestants while lifting up the male singers.

American Idol producers have paid attention to the backlash. They’re considering getting rid of her after this season. Katy Perry is the highest-paid judge on the panel, so the show would save a lot of money if she got fired. An insider told Radar Online that “producers are so rattled by Katy’s behavior they’re considering replacing her to keep the audience happy.”

Katy Perry [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Meanwhile, Katy isn’t happy being the only woman on the judging panel. Luke and Lionel have formed a close friendship, which makes her feel like an outsider. What are your thoughts? Do you think AI should fire Katy Perry? Sound off below in the comment section.

A new episode of American Idol airs on Sunday, April 23 at 8 p.m. ET. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Katy Perry.

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  1. Absolutely not! I love Katy Perry and she makes the show enjoyable to watch! Those complaining and the contestant claiming she mom shamed, it too sensitive and out of line by over exaggerating. keep Katy Perry! Just due to a select few, don’t fire her. I’m positive there’s more that love her on the show than not.

    1. Katy Perry makes this show for me. The 3 judges are a great team.Firing her for getting a little tough on some contestants is no bad. She makes up for it with her beauty and fun personality.

  2. Do not fire her l like watching her on the show she’s also funny and very entertaining and pretty to watch

  3. I used to love AI but have quit watching it because of Katy. It is like it is the Katy show and just about her
    Some of the antics that she does are a little under whelming to me. I do like Lionel and Luke. Luke gets a little too much at times too.

  4. I absolutely do not think that Katy Perry should be fired or removed from the show! What a bunch of whiners that think she is shaming people! Katy is my favorite judge followed very closely by Luke and Lionel. They make a great team, they are all very kind, loving, and uplifting to all contestants!

  5. Absolutely fire her! She is ruining the show. If she’s not acting rude and ugly to a contestant, she’s acting stupid! I am not longer a fan of her and am losing interest in the show because of her.

  6. I do not think Katy Perry should be fired! She brings a lot of comedy to the show especially when the contestants are scared. She also gives them good details is how they can improve on their singing.. That girl that’s complaining about the mom shaming she’s young and she just took it wrong. I don’t think Katie meant any shame to her. The three judges make the show as far as I’m concerned, there are some really good contestants but you need good judges to go through those contestants and weed out the good and the bad just my opinion.

  7. Oh, please…Be real. People….let’s clarify this…Red Snowflakes want her gone because she dared speak up against gun violence when a contestant told the story of being in a school shooting. The red snowflakes began their upheaval of tantrums because she dared say what they didn’t want to hear. She’s tough on judges? I remember this show when it was relevant, and I remember Simon Cowell was not the nicest person to the singers. She’s a bully? Not at all. She said something that a group of whining little trolls didn’t want to hear, and now they want her gone.

    1. Right on Edward, nicely said. This is what keeps the show going.
      Katie can be blunt and could be softer I guess. I love her.I don’t agree all the time but but at least you know people are watching. And she is Not a bully!

    2. and your whinning to keep her, I watch faithfully and yes, she is bully shame on her and you ,guns gave nothing to do with the talent on the show. Just shut up already!

  8. She is a huge reason that I have stopped watching this season….if I do see some episodes…I ff through her remarks

  9. Katy uses humor to put contestants at ease . She shares her love and affection with those who need it . Her ability to try and bring out the best in others is evident through every show. Fire her ?
    Absolutely no. Her humor and spark keeps the show going.

  10. after the way she treated Wé last night on national TV and in front of her family to boot! I’m done as long as she’s a Judge on AI

  11. Some people condone bullying because they are probably bullies or think it’s fun to see contestants mortified and embarrassed in mean ways. It’s a shame we have gotten so far away from being civil. I recall Simon being one of the judges that started this horrible trend. Not a good thing to show your children.

  12. Katy is unbalanced and emotionally immature. She appears to envy women contestants and attracted to male contestants like Michael Williams I no longer watch the show specifically because of her selfishness
    I respect and enjoy Luke and Lionel and
    miss seeing Phred Brown.

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