‘RHOBH’ Erika Jayne’s Ex ‘Mentally Fit’ For Trial

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RHOBH star Erika Jayne’s estranged husband, Tom Girardi, has been deemed “mentally fit” to stand trial. This has been something that has been long debated about as it was unclear if he was too far gone. Now, it has been determined that he can and he will go to trial for embezzling millions of dollars from his clients. Read on for more details.

RHOBH Erika Jayne’s Ex ‘Mentally Fit’ For Trial

When Erika Jayne joined RHOBH, it was quite shocking when people met her husband, Tom Girardi. He was a prominent attorney who worked with Erin Brockovich. This eventually became a movie starring Julia Roberts but what was hard to swallow was the age difference. She was just in her forties and a blonde bombshell while he was in his seventies. Yet, the moment people talked to Tom, they saw how charismatic he was and immediately saw the connection. Plus, he adored Erika and supported her dreams so that was an added bonus.

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Then, on voting day in 2020, it came out that Erika Jayne had filed for divorce from Tom. She did it on that day with the hopes that the news would be buried. Unfortunately, all of his poor choices came back to haunt both of them. He had allegedly stolen money from widows, orphans, and burn victims. Erika even was under investigation and had to turn over personal items, as well. Since Tom had gotten older and it seemed that he had dementia, it was questioned if he could stand trial. According to the Los Angeles Times, neuropsychologist Diana Goldstein has shared her evaluation.

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Per Goldstein, she: “has concluded her examination and opined, among other things, that [Girardi] is competent to stand trial.” It is not known how she determined this. However, the eighty-four-year-old is said to have dementia, and Jayne even spoke about this to Andy Cohen. In 2022, she revealed that Tom Girardi still believed he was a lawyer. Keep in mind, in 2021, a forensic psychiatrist officially diagnosed him with Alzheimer’s. He has since been medicated and living in a facility.

When Will He Go To Trial?

Tom Girardi’s lawyers will most likely file some sort of motion regarding his competency. Especially if he is as far gone as previously diagnosed while taking medication. For now, a hearing is set for August 3rd so just under two months away. Erika Jayne will be busy preparing for her Laa Vegas residency which starts the same month. Surely, fans and onlookers are waiting for her to speak out on the matter of his competency.

Do you believe that Tom Girardi is competent or should they just let him rest in the facility? Or, is this too tricky of a situation? More so, should Erika Jayne get involved when it comes to his competency? Let us know in the comments below.

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