Erika Jayne Entitled To Restitution For 750k Earrings?

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Erika Jayne feels she should be awarded damages for her infamous 750K diamond earrings. They were taken from the RHOBH star in relation to her estranged husband, Tom Girardi’s bankruptcy. Now, she believes she is entitled to damages affiliated with the seizing of her earrings. Why? Read on for more details.

Erika Jayne Wants Restitution

There was a major fight over Erika Jayne’s 750K diamond earrings. Up until Season 12 of RHOBH, she was still holding on to and wearing them. She strongly believed they were hers and there was no way that she was giving them up. For some context, Tom Girardi was a prominent lawyer. However, he had been accused of embezzling his client’s money for years. Erika was soon implicated in the situation as she was married to the Erin Brockovich lawyer for over twenty years.

Erika Jayne/YouTube
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According to Radar Online, it was revealed that Tom had bought Erika diamond earrings with client funds. More so, it was believed that the 750K earrings Erika Jayne had grown so attached to were the ones in question. She maintained that, when she received them as a gift, she was under the impression that Girardi was doing well as a lawyer. Furthermore, Erika had no idea about the lies that he had been hiding. They were eventually sold for 250K at auction.

Erika Jayne/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
After being auctioned, Erika is now fighting for justice in regard to the situation. Moreover, Erika Jayne has filed court documents maintaining that she is owed restitution. Why? The singer is under the belief that her earrings were wrongly taken from her. Per her lawyer: “Ms. Girardi has elected and is entitled to money damages based on the proceeds of the sale of a marital gift received by her in 2007 that was taken from her and sold by the Trustee based on the legally erroneous Turnover Order.”

It’s Not Over

Erika Jayne clearly needs the money. Though she will be a cast member on Season 13 of RHOBH and has endorsement deals, she also owes a lot of money. Apparently, Erika revealed that she owes 2.2 million dollars in back taxes. She has written this: “I do not have the ability to pay.” However, winning the money in damages could assist her in paying her taxes. Yet, judgment has not been decided in this case. For now, Erika is just continuing to film while promoting her hair extension line. Furthermore, she has been sharing the success that she had with a workout device on her Instagram story along with a promo code for fans.

Do you think that Erika Jayne is entitled to damages over these 750K earrings or should she just let them go? More so, should she be focusing on the victims of her husband? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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