‘Today:’ Al Roker’s Wife Deborah Roberts INJURED On Latest Run

Al Roker - Deborah Roberts - Instagram

The Today Show meteorologist Al Roker and his beautiful wife Deborah Roberts can’t seem to catch a break in the health department. Sadly, fans of this lovely couple learned that Al Roker’s wife Deborah was injured during her latest run. How bad was the injury? Did she require hospitalization or any medical care? Keep reading for the details.

Today: Al Roker’s Wife Deborah Roberts INJURED On Latest Run

Drenched in sweat, Al Roker’s wife Deborah Roberts took to her Instagram Stories over the weekend to reveal she ran into a bit of an issue during her latest run. The 62-year-old explained her run was cut short and she had to switch to walking after one of her knees nearly buckled underneath her making it difficult to continue to move.

Al Roker’s wife proceeded to explain she was running with her friend Nick as she found herself trying to catch up to him. Suddenly, her right knee buckled underneath her as she felt an uncomfortable shooting pain behind her right knee. Deborah Roberts explained she wasn’t really sure what was going on with her knee, but she knew something just didn’t feel right.

Deborah Roberts - Instagram
Deborah Roberts – Instagram

Al Roker’s wife, however, wasn’t ready to give up on her run just yet. She decided to “walk it off” for a bit before picking her run back up. Deborah Roberts treated her followers to a few more updates revealing that she was able to finish off her run with her running buddy, Nick.

Her Husband Recently Had Knee Surgery

Her Instagram followers can only imagine what she was feeling when she felt the sudden pain behind her knee as her husband Al Roker had just recently had knee replacement surgery. Deborah Roberts hasn’t offered any additional updates on what happened. But, her followers are assuming she just strained a muscle or tendon behind her knee a little bit. Her fans hope she didn’t push herself too hard after her knee nearly buckled and got some rest afterward. Overall, however, fans of Al Roker and his wife were just relieved to know she was alright.

Deborah Roberts Instagram

Fans of The Today Show feel for Al Roker and his wife Deborah as the rain continues to pour in regard to their health. Deborah Roberts, however, tends to present as being of decent health. So, fans of her and her husband are hopeful she will make a full recovery and spring back into action in no time.

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