‘Today Show’ Responds, Changes Things Up To Protect Al Roker

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As Tv Shows Ace reported, it was just a few days ago that viewers were in an uproar over the treatment and disregard for Al Roker’s safe. Presently, the air quality in New York is far from being safe. Given, Al Roker’s recent struggles with his health, his hospitalizations, and his age, his fans just didn’t understand why it was necessary to make him report the weather while standing outside. In an uproar, fans slammed The Today Show on multiple social media platforms as they urged them to get Al Roker back inside.

Turns out, the production of the talk show did hear cries from fans. And, they made some changes to the set-up to appease viewers and to keep Al safe.

Al Roker [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Today Show Responds, Changes Things Up To Protect Al Roker

After the uproar from fans, The Today Show didn’t waste any time switching things up and bringing Al Roker back inside the studio. Not, it appears as if he’ll be reporting the weather for viewers from a safe place inside of the studio as opposed to out on the plaza breathing the poor air quality.

Viewers of The Today Show were more than a little relieved when they tuned in today and Al Roker was inside the studio reporting the weather during today’s broadcast.

For those who don’t know, many residents of New York have been reporting a thick orange/red haze taking over the city. Likewise, the air is thick with smoke in some places making it hard to go outside. Many residents of New York have taken to various social media platforms (including TikTok) to show videos of just how bad the air quality is right now. It is this information floating around the Internet that made viewers so upset Al Roker was outside working.

How Is He Doing These Days?

As far as fans know, he’s on the mend from his knee replacement surgery. And, he’s been feeling well enough to return to business as usual on the set of The Today Show. Most fans hope this means his beautiful wife Deborah can get a little break from worrying about her husband for a bit.

Were you among the fans who were alarmed when Al Roker was reporting the news outside in New York given the quality of the air in that state? Are you relieved they decided to bring him inside as fans requested? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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