Melissa, Joe Gorga Called Out For Never Paying For Outdoor Kitchen

Melissa and Joe Gorga

Melissa and Joe Gorga are being called out for never paying for an outdoor kitchen that was built at their home. The couple hasn’t responded yet, but it is obvious that they still owe a pretty big bill.

Melissa And Joe Gorga’s Unpaid Bill

In a recent post on Twitter it was revealed that Melissa and Joe Gorga never paid for an outdoor kitchen that was put in at their home. Easy Outdoor Kitchens replied to a post that Joe Gorga made saying “Probably time you called us back to pay your past due 16K bill from five years for your outdoor kitchen!!!”  That is a pretty large bill to not pay for five years. So far, Joe hasn’t responded to them or commented on the fact that he allegedly never paid his bill. This comment was on an Instagram post that Joe Gorga made.

Jen Aydin did respond to the post though and just let everyone know that she had a kitchen done by the same company and loved it! It is also pretty clear that she paid for her kitchen. Fans are loving that she responded. They are also wondering why this company hasn’t taken them to small claims court if they really owe them money.

Will Melissa Be Back Next Season On RHONJ?

The fans have been speaking out and some want Melissa Gorga gone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey and others want to see Teresa Giudice sent packing. It turns out that so far they haven’t made any decisions for sure on who will be back next season.

Melissa shared recently if she plans to leave the show and she said, “I have no intentions on leaving. I never run away when the going gets tough, that’s not my personality. Our family has been through ups and downs for so many years on this show. I have never left before and I have no intentions of leaving now.” It sounds like Melissa is sticking around if it is up to her.


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Are you shocked to hear that Melissa and Joe Gorga aren’t paying their bills? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Tuesday nights on Bravo. The reunion is going stong and full of drama that you want to make sure you catch.

Mandy Robinson


  1. I will not watch Theresa on any show. She is such a low life instigator and she is teaching her girls to be just like her. I’m tired of watching people who go to prison come back smelling like a rose.

  2. Makes no sense that a company owed money has not gone after Joe and Melissa legally to collect it. A coincidence that Jennifer was right there to comment on post. I think not. Jennifer is way too obvious, kind of like with the tea reading lady.

  3. That’s a lot of money for a company not to take them to court over it. I call bull 💩! Teresa is as fake as most of her hair in her wedding day. I have watched since day 1… she has flipped tables and flipped her lid! Family first Teresa! Your parents are watching you and I am sure they are not happy with your actions. Your husband wants to be a big shot and act like he is tough. That Botox is getting to him. You did what you did and the truth always comes out.

    1. I agree with you. Five years is a long time to be owed a significant amount of money. Why hasnt the company that built the outdoor kitchen taken them to court. I think that Lying Teresa has started this rumor along with Lying Luis. I don’t believe a word that comes out of their mouth. In fact you know that they are lying if their lips are moving. Luis sleeping in Nonnos pj and then saying it was only a pair of sweat pants and only once. Then saying Bo – PI, has dossiers on all of them. The only dossier Bo probably has is on Luis for investigating him for questionable business ventures. Lets face it- Luis is in for the money. And Teresa is so stupid she will probably let him have it.

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