Melissa & Joe Gorga In Legal Trouble, Couple Fighting Back

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RHONJ stars Melissa and Joe Gorga are in legal trouble but the couple is not taking it lying down. They have decided to fight back against the allegations against them. So, what are they in hot water for now? Read on for more details on this situation.

Melissa & Joe Gorga In Legal Trouble, Couple Fighting Back

It has been a hard time for Melissa and Joe Gorga as they have had to navigate dealing with his sister, Teresa Giudice. They have felt betrayed by her and that she was making poor choices. When she got engaged to her fiance, Luis Ruelas, she did not want a prenup. Then, she decided to only have his sisters in the wedding which was a huge slap in the face to Melissa. Eventually, it got so bad and heated that the Gorgas did not attend Teresa and Luis’ lavish nuptials. During the reunion, which is still airing, Teresa and Melissa went at each other’s throats so that is nothing new.

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Now, it seems that Melissa and Joe Gorga have another situation on their plates. According to In Touch Weekly, Blanca Hernandez is suing the couple. Apparently, in January 2021, she sustained injuries at a New Jersey property that the Gorgas owned. However, she claims that they were not friendly prior to her injuries. Hernandez claims that the location was maintained in a “negligent, careless and reckless manner.”

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Additionally, she added she obtained: “diverse injuries, great pain, and suffering, and has incurred and will continue in the future to incur extensive medical expenses, permanent injuries, suffered physical and emotional injuries of both a temporary and permanent nature, suffered considerable pain and anguish, loss of wages.”  There were supposedly “other special damages” as well as the ones already listed. The lawsuit was ultimately filed in December 2022 so almost two years after this all happened.

Not Taking Accountability?

As far as Melissa and Joe Gorga are concerned, they were not negligent when it came to her injuries. Along with that, the couple feels that she sustained the injuries on her own and they did not play a part in it. They want this whole situation dismissed however they do want something out of it. The Gorgas want to be able to see Blanca Hernandez’s medical records. As to what will ultimately happen, that is up in the air. It is also unknown if Teresa will try and bring this situation up at the final part of the reunion if she even knows about it.

Do you think the Gorgas caused the accident that occurred on their property? More so, should they take some of the blame, are they not at fault, or do you need more evidence? Let us know and watch RHONJ Tuesdays on Bravo.

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