Bravo’s Andy Cohen Torn Over Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice

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Andy Cohen admits that he is torn over RHONJ stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga. Right now, filming for Season 14 is on hold as things get sorted out. It seems that the biggest issue is what to do with Teresa and the Gorgas. Fans are just as torn as Andy is over who should stay and who should be let go. More so, some believe that both should no longer be on the long-running series and maybe start fresh. So, what does the man of Bravo have to say? Read on for more details.

Andy Cohen Torn Over Melissa & Teresa, Both ‘Really Popular’

It has been a long ride for Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice. Melissa came onto the scene in Season 3 as she was Teresa’s SIL. During part one of the Season 13 reunion, host Andy Cohen admitted why the Gorgas were initially cast. He shared that he found Joe Gorga hilarious and loved that Melissa had a double staircase, much like Teresa. So, he felt that they were the perfect addition to the show. Now, after ten seasons, the families have consistently butted heads, alleged they are lying, and Teresa now believes that her SIL sent her to jail. What is Andy and Bravo to do?

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According to ET, Andy Cohen opened up on the Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast about the whole situation, admitting that RHONJ is “at a crossroads.” The father of two went on to say this about Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice: “There are several options. They’re both really popular. I think they’re both walking around with the institutional knowledge that they both have and the institutional hurt feelings, especially Teresa. Teresa let out at the last reunion that she was mad at Melissa for not changing her wedding date because Teresa was pregnant at her wedding and she was a bridesmaid. She didn’t like how she looked. So this is now going back for 15 years.”

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Andy Cohen makes it clear that both women are actually right in some ways. More so, he acknowledges they have valid points that are really good so that makes the struggle real as to which team to pick. There are fans who have allegiance to Teresa since she is an OG. One person tweeted: “She’s been the face since Season 1. The table flip is still the most iconic hw moment.”

What’s Next For The Show?

As aforementioned, RHONJ is on hiatus right now as they apparently try to bring it back to its core of family. Usually, they film over the summer but that is not happening. Now, if they film from September through early winter, the hope is that Bravo will get more family-friendly content. As to whether the network will choose Melissa Gorga or Teresa Giudice is yet to be seen. They may choose one, both, or neither but, as Andy Cohen said, both women are “really popular.” Time will tell but the reunion has just begun and allegations are being thrown left, right, and center.

Do you think Andy Cohen has a valid point about Melissa and Teresa? Let us know and watch RHONJ Tuesdays on Bravo.


Amanda Lauren


  1. I think it’s time to cancel the show altogether! The one thing that made the show unique compared to all the other housewife franchises is the fact that it was family based! we had Teresa and her brother and their families, Kathy who was their cousin, then you had Caroline and her family, along with Jacqueline being married to Caroline’s brother! They have lost touch with what their core of their show was! The show has become so much about the two families fighting, that I think if you got rid of one or the other The show would be boring! Teresa has too many on the cast that kiss her butt and if you kept Melissa instead, she gets along with relatively with everyone so there’d be no excitement to watch either way!

  2. I think Melissa should go. The only character she plays is that of a spoiled brat who loves to brag and pretend she wants things better with Teresa but only fuels the fire and shame on Joe for going against his sister!
    Teresa was the original rhonj cast member and should stay that way. Melissa can go show off somewhere else!

    1. Get rid of Teresa, she is a hypocritical, disgusting bully, her daughters are spoilt, disrespectful brats who have zero respect for anyone, and her side kick Jennifer never has any storyline because she’s always got her head up Teresa’s backside! Oh, and if they weren’t enough reasons there’s also the fact that if she stays we’ll have to see more of her creepy, husband Louie who makes me want to vomit every time he comes on the TV – after admitting he wears Teresa’s dead father’s pyjamas at night to make her daughters “feel safe and loving”!

  3. Teresa and Jennifer to go they’re both bullies and tre thinks she not only runs the show but calls all the shots . She was funny to watch for a while but now it’s just not nice if tre goes and Jen stays it would be interesting to see how she would change

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