Will ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Return For Season 7?

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Gold Rush: White Water just aired its Season 6 finale, and now fans are wondering if there will even be a Season 7. While Gold Rush and its spinoffs remain popular shows on Discovery Channel, there are hints that White Water might not be as safe as many fans might have hoped.

Here is a look at the possible future of White Water and why it’s not as safe as its parent show on Discovery.

Gold Rush: White Water Season 6 faced several difficulties

Fans proved more than once this year that they love Gold Rush: White Water. The show was getting good ratings following the original Gold Rush on Discovery Channel, and it provided something different. The main series has people like Parker Schnabel and Tony Beets successfully making a lot of money mining gold. While there are people like Fred Lewis, who made constant mistakes, the top miners were always successful.

However, White Water was different. The show had the miners out in the racing rapids, and it was always more about the adventure than the gold weighing in the end. Plus, while the main Gold Rush show had the miners driving in and out every night, White Water is in the wilderness, and the past season showed how hard that can be for some miners, separated from their families and alone with just their crews.

Gold Rush: White Water / YouTube

However, Discovery Channel ended up angering many viewers this season. The network suddenly stopped airing White Water in the middle of the season. This also angered producer Tim Dalby, who had to tell the fans what was happening. He clearly said they were getting good ratings, and he didn’t see the ratings begin as good when the entire season was split in half and delayed by months.

If Discovery Channel doesn’t want to keep a show running straight through when it has good ratings, why would it want to renew it for more seasons? The fan’s response showed how much they cared about it. That doesn’t mean the show is safe.

Gold Rush: White Water losing crew, not finding gold

When it comes to the possibility of a Season 7, Gold Rush: White Water might look a little different. First up, Kayla Johanson just announced she quit the show after the finale. Kayla went through a lot of drama during the season and she had enough. She said there was too much drama involved. She even called out cast members who threw “temper tantrums” as one of the reasons she left the show.

Scott Allen quit in the middle of the season and went home after a huge blowup with Kayla. While he was in tears and felt bad about things, he talked about his family and not being there for his small children’s “firsts.” That makes keeping a crew on a show like White Water very hard.

There is also the cast of Dakota Fred Hurst and his diagnosis of Stage 4 Brain Cancer. He has been a stalwart on the show since it started in 2018. However, Fred won’t be around much longer, and one wonders if Dustin will still be as hands-on as his father deals with his illness.

Kayla Johanson on Gold Rush: White Water / YouTube

This also leads to something that Kayla said when she quit the show. Gold Rush is known for its weigh-ins, but White Water is different. According to Kayla, the miners on this show find even less gold than the series shows. “I can’t keep following someone else around with way less than satisfactory results each year,” she wrote.

If Gold Rush: White Water is all about adventure, that is fine. But, if this team never finds any gold, what more is left for them to do? Discovery usually announces a new season the month before it airs, so don’t expect to hear anything about Season 7 until later in the year – if at all.

Do you want to see Gold Rush: White Water back for Season 7? Are there any changes you want to see made? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. My favourite TV show. Can’ get enough of it. (Wish the guys would not hoot and holler so much. They have hooted enough to fill an entire hour of simply hooting.)

  1. Ring it back. It’s always been a great show. Can’t wait for them to get the mother load!

  2. i really love this show i started watching it when i was pregnant and ive been hooked since the charisma knowledge wilderness characters the test it puts on people is real life makes it more relevant and bring the reality of “reality tv” in its rawest form .. updates on members how they help others makes me happy how they triumph on loses theres always that hope. the only thing we have for the love of it. hell yeah i want the show back .

  3. Bring it back. It feels like the worst might be behind them (big ass boulder). Can they blow up what’s left. And sorry to see Kayla go, maybe if they could find more success they all might find a calmer attitude. God go with Fred, despite his shortcomings. Love Carlos, feel sorry for Dustin, way to keep trying, bro.

  4. heck yes bring it back the determination and team work which they have they will find the mother load. they are all hard workers and problem solvers. it’s too bad Kayla is leaving. prayers for Fred and much love.

  5. It needs to come back. I started watching this whilst going through treatment for cancer and has kept me going to see the relationships they have and how hard they work. They are inspiring and show no matter what is in there way, they keep fighting the fight. I am sad to here about Fred and just want Fred to see Dustin succeed before the inevitable happens. Please bring it back.

  6. It needs to come back. Shows the sheer grit that Justin has needed and would love to see them hit “The Jackpot”!

  7. Don’t cancel White Water. It’s good entertainment. Kayla and Fred will be missed but Dustin, Carlos and the rest of the crew should press on. The site they’re on has a lot of potential if they can overcome the terrain and have a little bit of good luck with the weather. In for a penny, In for a pound.

  8. The show is an absolute must! Kayla, no way you quit… you are the glue. Dustin sorry for your Dads departure. (Loved Him the most) gold, diving, climbing, puzzle solving, hard core work. Carlos you da man. Can’t ever get any better! God Bless You All!

  9. Although I’m very sad at the loss of Fred, I am hoping Dustin will continue and fulfill both his & Fred’s dream of finding the mother lode with his best team; Wes & Paul, Carlos & James.

  10. YES!!!! We absolutely want to See Season 7!!!!

    GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER is one of our Favorite Shows of All Time!!!!!

  11. The shows do the production from March/April to October. If the show is coming back, even if the startup time to begin production for White Water is April/May, it is still created during the summer. So that is the question: did they film, and are they editing the season now? Maybe for a January release? Otherwise, the show is dead this year.
    Hint: Discovery-Warner Bros canceled the movie Batgirl even though it was already shot and edited. No one can release the movie now. The studio will use this as a tax loss to save money.

  12. “White Water” needs to come back. I watch Goldrush and I always loved watching White water to find out was going to happen. In another post they have to find gold and not always end up with little. They work hard to come up with what they do. I’m with everyone else, I love White Water don’t cancel.

  13. Yes, They have to bring it back. It is one of my favorite shows on discovery. They will hit it big eventually..

  14. Love White Water bring it back. Its Discovery itself and its overall broadcast inclusive woke agenda that I question. I do get tired of them pushing it down my throat. What they are trying to project is not the real world by percentage. Its the same with their woke advertising its inclusiveness is way overdone it just does not seem life like at all for all of us.

  15. One of my favorites and super sad to hear Kayla leaving the program (if there is one). Sad to hear about Fred. What a life. Hopefully there was some production this summer.

  16. Bring the show back! The show is all about challenge, adventure and tenacity. Finding that “life changing gold” will just be the icing on the cake.

  17. I would like to see season 7, 8, 9, 10. no need to cancel it just because a few cast have issues. There are plenty of others out there that would love to take their place.

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