‘RHONJ’: Who Exactly Is Bo Dietl?

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Just who exactly is Bo Dietl, the man who has been making waves on RHONJ? He seems to be a close friend of Luis Ruelas, Teresa Giudice’s husband. With the men joining the women on the final part of the reunion, he is bound to come up more than he already has. So, who is Bo Dietl? Read on for the answer.

RHONJ: Just Who Exactly Is Bo Dietl?

Fans are a little creeped out by Teresa Giudice’s husband, Luis Ruelas. He is hot-headed and, even when he tries to keep Teresa calm, it does not necessarily work. “Ick. Luis is so gross. “Let’s play”. Who does he think he is?” one fan tweeted. Another added: “The whole relationship is premeditated. Luis is dangerous.” Furthermore, his ex-fiancee, Vanessa Reiser, just filed a restraining order against him. Yet, this is not much of a shock for fans of the show who have been following Luis closely and watching how he behaves. More so, he constantly has talked about his close friend and PI, Bo Dietl.

Teresa Giudice's New Man Luis Ruelas [Credit: Instagram]
[Teresa, Luis-Instagram]
Robert ‘Bo’ Dietl is actually a retired NYPD police detective, who retired in 1985. Additionally, he has his own podcast, Bo Dietl’s True Crime. He has also acted in films plus his autobiography was turned into a movie with Stephen Baldwin portraying the lead role. Along with all of this, Dietl has also been a TV news contributor. Now, at seventy-two, he is in the spotlight because of the RHONJ. Yet, he maintains that he does not want the affiliation. According to The Wrap, reunion host, Andy Cohen spoke out about Dietl clearing the air about his relationship with Ruelas.

Bo Dietl/Instagram
[Bo Dietl-Instagram]
Per Cohen: “Bo Dietl tracked me down last week — the private eye — while we were off and he was like, ‘Look, Louie never hired me. He never hired me.’ And I go, ‘Well then how would Louie come up with it on camera several times and say that you got him info on people?’ He was like, ‘I don’t know, he was just talking.’” So, it seems that this might just be a lot of hot air coming from Luis.

Not With Luis

Bo Dietl also went on his Instagram and released a short video. He spoke out about how he was not hired by Luis Ruelas. His followers, of course, questioned if this was actually true. They felt that if he was wrongfully named then Dietl should sue Luis. Others were happy that he took the time to straighten things out. It seems like there will always be a question of if they are close buddies or not. Yet, would Dietl really want to risk his credibility for Luis?


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Did you have any idea who Bo Dietl was before RHONJ? More so, do you think he is involved with Luis? Let us know and watch RHONJ Tuesday nights on Bravo.


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