‘LIVE With Kelly & Mark’ Fans RIOT, Demand Big Change

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark

Live With Kelly & Mark isn’t exactly winning over many fans from viewers at home. While many fans agree the talk show really went downhill since Ryan Seacrest exited and was replaced by Kelly’s husband, his exit isn’t the only thing that has viewers up in arms. Turns out, what really has fans rioting is the show just not living up to the name. Viewers at home have two demands. What are those demands and what are Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos doing about it? Keep reading for the details.

Live with Kelly & Mark fans riot, demand big change

Live With Kelly & Mark makes one big promise to viewers at home — being a LIVE broadcast. Since Mark Consuelos joined as Kelly’s co-host, however, the married couple has filmed a lot of pre-recorded episodes versus doing the talk show live. Viewers at home have rioted about it noting the co-hosts either need to change the name of the show or go back to doing live broadcasts.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live with Kelly and Mark, ABC
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live with Kelly and Mark, ABC

The Co-Hosts Attempt To Accommodate

Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark want the viewers at home to know they hear them and understand they are unhappy with the way the talk show is going right now. So, they’ve made a big change to how the talk show operates with the hope of really digging their heels into the life broadcast aspect of the show.

In an effort to make a big change and appease viewers at home, Mark and Kelly are trying to be more interactive with the live viewing audience. By interacting with the audience and bringing them into the talk show more, Mark and Kelly hope they are going to make the show more appealing to the viewers at home that really want to know they are watching a live broadcast.

Viewers at home, however, admit they aren’t stupid and know Kelly and Mark could interact with an audience on a pre-recorded episode. It’s the mistakes, blunders, and misspoken words — the human errors — that really let the viewers at home know the show is live and not pre-recorded. So, simply bringing the audience into the show may not actually fix the problem like Mark and Kelly are hoping it will.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live With Kelly and Mark, ABC
Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live With Kelly and Mark, ABC

Do you agree that Kelly and Mark need to either stop doing pre-recorded episodes or change the name of the talk show? Should this talk show have ended with Ryan walked away? Was adding her husband as her co-host a mistake? Let us know what answers you have for these questions in the comments. And, keep coming back to us for all your TV news.

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  1. I think the Live with Kelly and Mark should come up an end. Not because of Mark, I watched every day when Ryan was there, but couldn’t stomach one more day watching Kelly. She is rude, talks over people, makes every story about herself. She is conceded and always referencing sex, and constantly watches herself in the monitor. She is the one that needs to go.

  2. RE: Live with Kelly & Mark
    I’ve stopped watching them Completely. I used to enjoy it when Mark came on as a ‘sub’ host, but now he seems Very arrogant. The entire vibe of the show has changed and I just have no desire to waste my time on it anymore.
    From the sound of it, I’m not the only one…

  3. It’s time to say goodbye to the whole Kelly and whoever else they replace Ryan with. I am very tired of the whole program – not what it was like in it’s earlier days.

  4. I also think Kelly is into herself. Always looking at herself in the moniter, cutting off Mark and finishing the story herself. She’s done it, been there,ate it…I think just my opinion…Regis, Strahan and Ryan left because working with her is a nightmare and she knows she gets what she wants.It will come out eventually…It’s bad enough watching her now have to put up with Mark….I’m done….this viewer is out!!

  5. I think the show should have ended when Ryan left the show. I have tried watching the show recently, but Kelly is always cutting Mark off and being rude to him.

      1. Love, love, love the show just the way it is. Mark is a wonderful addition as cohost. Stopped watching because of Ryan. Now I can watch again.

  6. Nothing against him, I just don’t like Kelly. She cuts him off like she did Ryan and the show is about her. I think it’s time to end the show and put someone else in that spot.

    1. I love the show with Mark more than with Ryan. I find it more interesting, and their conversations are more enjoyable. Well, these people that are saying the show is no good are just Ryan Seacrest fans unable to get over him leaving the show. Keep going Kelly and Mark, you’re doing fine. I enjoy waking up to you every morning with your stories about your family and your personal experiences. It’s also good if you can interact with the audience more. It’s almost like what Regis used to do with his personal stories and I do miss Regis. It’s amazing that a married couple like Kelly and Mark can interact so well together on a show that most likely has many stress factors involved.

  7. I have no problem love,love them both. Why I believe these people have problems. Envy and jealousy . They want Drama they can go to See the Kardashians in Hulu .

  8. I miss the show regardless of who hosts it. My tv broadcasting system stopped carrying the show 😔

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