Kelly Ripa Lashes Out During ‘Live’ Episode

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live With Kelly and Mark from ABC

Live fans were incredibly surprised at Kelly Ripa’s onscreen outburst this week. Is she alright?

Although the long-time talk show hostess is generally fun and quirky, she seemed to lose her patience during a recent episode.

Eventually, things did simmer down and the talk show progressed as usual. But seeing Kelly get angry during an episode did have quite a few fans buzzing.

Keep reading to learn about the incident.

Kelly Ripa lost her temper during the spring trivia game

Fans that have been keeping up with Live lately have been fond of the trivia games. Kelly and Mark have been hosting “Grow For It Spring Trivia” where they invite a caller to tell them two statements. One is true and one is a lie. Kelly and Mark have to sniff out the truth.

But during a recent game, things got a little heated.

During the game, the caller told the hosts that they have “parachuted twice out of an airplane” or “was a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.”

So which was true and which was the lie?

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live With Kelly and Mark from ABC
Live with Kelly and Mark/ABC

Right away, both Kelly and Mark seemed not to believe the caller’s parachute story.

“You think she’s making it [the parachute story] sound like a lie deliberately?” Kelly asked. This resulted in a swarm of chaotic answers with the audience members all shouting at once. And it was definitely a little overwhelming for the hostess.

“This is not The Price is Right, stop yelling at me!” Kelly shouted while throwing up her hands in exasperation.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos from Live With Kelly and Mark from ABC
Live with Kelly and Mark/ABC

Eventually, Kelly guessed that the caller was a former cheerleader for Dallas. That wasn’t true — the caller had actually been parachuting twice. Although Kelly didn’t win the trivia game, she was visibly excited for the caller to win the mug.

The cohosts had another dramatic start to their day last week

Although many fans think that Live with Kelly and Mark got off to a bumpy start, it seems like they’ve started to find their stride. Viewers were incredibly entertained when the pair opened up about their rude awakening last week.

Kelly and Mark opened their show by revealing that they were a little sleep deprived. Around 2 a.m., their home fire alarm system went off and refused to shut off. Since it’s a smart system, it also alerted the fire department.

It was definitely a rough situation and a terrible way to start the day. But at the very least, they know their fire alarms do indeed work.

What do you think about Kelly Ripa’s onscreen outburst? Share your ideas in the comments. Stay tuned and follow TV Shows Ace online for the latest news and updates on Live with Kelly and Mark.

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  1. It’s ok we all go through it. There are a few natural herbs that help as much as anything else, some maybe more.

  2. It’s ok Kelly, we all feel a bit off when we no longer produce or are raising a family. Empty nest will come and go a few times!!!!

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