Andy Cohen Spills Secret Kim Kardashian FORCED Him To Bury

Andy Cohen and Kim Kardashian on KUWTK reunion special / YouTube

Kim Kardashian once forced Andy Cohen to bury one big secret about her family. In 2021, Cohen interviewed the Kardashain-Jenner family for a Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion special. However, it turns out that Kim had a big hand in what was shown on the special. Cohen has now revealed one major secret that she forced him to edit out of the special.

Here is a look at what Kim didn’t want fans to see on the KUWTK reunion special and what Cohen had to say about it.

Andy Cohen on secret Kim Kardashian wanted hidden

In 2021, Andy Cohen picked up a huge opportunity to interview the Kardashian-Jenner clan for a KUWTK reunion special. He said it was hard to get lined up, but he had some help from Kim Kardashian to make sure it could make it to the air. The one thing standing in the way was Kris Jenner. The momager has always been very careful about what they release and when it is released. Cohen said Kris was leary about the special because she didn’t know what they would say.

Kim Kardashian and her family on KUWTK reunion / YouTube

Fortunately,  Kim helped get everyone on board, including her mom. However, that also included some protections so Kim could determine if certain things could or couldn’t be included in the eventual broadcast. Kim helped get Kris, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, and Scott Disick all involved in the special. With that said, even on the day of the filming, Kris was still worried and wondered why they agreed to the interview.

Andy Cohen [Watch What Happens Live | YouTube]

Andy Cohen looked back on the special on his Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. He said the KUWTK reunion was full of juicy information and was a huge hit with fans. Yet, he also remembered that there was a lot that wasn’t shown on the special that went down during the discussion. Cohen said if there could be a Director’s Cut, there would be some surprisingly frank conversations, including one bit that Kim demanded to be buried. Kim ordered Andy to remove their discussion about the family’s plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian on plastic surgery talk on KUWTK reunion special

Andy Cohen wanted to share more about the discussion on the KUWTK reunion special. He said Kim has forbidden him from releasing certain information from the special. This includes the rumored cosmetic procedures the family has undertaken. He said that it was shocking because Kim told him they wouldn’t use any of it in the actual special, but she “told it to me straight.”

Andy couldn’t say anything about it on his podcast either. He just said that the Kardashian family owns the tape of the special, so it will never be seen. It sounds like even if Andy wanted to talk about what was said, he can’t. He made a promise to Kim. Also, there is likely an NDA that keeps him from doing anything more than just mentioning the conversation.

What are your thoughts about Kim Kardashian demanding cuts to the KUWTK reunion? More so, what do you think she was trying to hide? Let us know in the comments below.

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