Move Over Robyn Brown! Kody & Janelle Rekindling Flame?

Robyn Brown - Janelle - Kody - YouTube

Move over Robyn Brown — it appears as if Kody and Janelle are attempting to rekindle their flame. Will Sister Wives continue to move forward with some semblance of a plural family? Or, will Robyn Brown get to have Kody all to herself in the monogamous relationship she claims she doesn’t want? Moreover, what do fans think Janelle and Kody are reconnecting? Keep reading for all the juicy Sister Wives details.

Robyn Brown claims she doesn’t want to be alone with Kody

While speaking to her sister wives, Robyn Brown claimed that having Kody all to herself was NEVER something she wanted. In fact, the TLC personality claims she had plenty of other suitors who were interested in a monogamous relationship. She, however, pursued Kody Brown because she wanted the plural family. More specifically, she wanted sister wives. On the most recent episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown admitted she pictures herself growing old and sitting on a porch with her sister wives while watching their grandchildren together. So, she is gutted that Kody Brown is losing all of his wives and this future she wants isn’t going to happen.

Fans, however, have serious doubts that the claims Robyn makes on the show are what she actually wants in real life. From the outside looking in, Robyn Brown gives off this impression that her children are far more important than any of Kody’s other children. And, Kody Brown seemingly shows up for her children more than any of his other children. This is largely why fans were so surprised to see Kody Brown at Savanah’s graduation at all.

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Are Kody Brown and Janelle getting back together?

Fans were floored when they spotted Kody Brown at Savanah’s graduation. Janelle Brown has seemingly been doing it all herself as far as their children are concerned. So, fans weren’t really expecting him to show up for Savanah on her special day. With all the children and grandchildren coming together after Savanah’s graduation, Sister Wives fans can’t help but wonder if Kody and Janelle are reconnecting.

Janelle brown - Kody Brown - Youtube
Janelle brown – Kody Brown – Youtube

Moreover, as far as fans know, Janelle Brown still strongly believes in their faith. So, she still considers herself to be spiritually married to Kody even though they are separated.

Do you want to see Janelle and Kody Brown get back together? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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