Kroy Biermann Calls 911 AGAIN As Kim Zolciak Gets Violent

Kim Zolciak Kroy Biermann

Things are really heating up in the divorce between Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann. He recently called 911 again and is saying that Kim got violent this time. They both seem to be documenting everything going on with the police for their upcoming divorce. It was revealed earlier today that Kroy called the police on Kim saying that she refused to leave the bathroom and let him in to shower.

Kroy Biermann Says Kim Zolciak Got Violent

Kroy Biermann called the police saying that Kim got violent with him during a fight. He even went as far as to say that he has an audio recording of what went down between them. Radar Online shared the details about what went down. The report stated, “Kroy then advised that Kim had punched him in the back of the head during an earlier altercation concerning the disputed property.” They were arguing over property that Kim stated Kroy had hidden from her and locked away in a safe where she couldn’t get it.

The report went on to say that there were no “visible injuries or evidence to prove that Kim had caused any injuries to him other than an audio recording of the incident.”

Kroy Calls Police Again

Kroy Biermann actually called the police again that night. He wanted to complain that Kim was using his credit card. Of course, this sparked a conversation over who owns it because they are still married. They are also still living in the same home together.

Kim then later that night at 1:00 a.m. she called the police again. She said that she had gone back to the house again to retrieve her medications. Kim stated that Kroy had locked himself in the bedroom and wouldn’t give them to her. He stated that he put them outside in the hallway for her. She actually called the police again after that and they told her if she needed help to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Instead, Kim Zolciak stayed in the home and just slept in another room. It is unknown if they have been sharing the master bedroom still.

Kroy has already told the police that he thinks that Kim needs a mental evaluation. She said that he needs drug tested because he uses marijuana and she doesn’t trust him with the kids.

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