Kroy Biermann Calls Police On Kim Zolciak: What Happened?

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are going through a divorce and it turns out that he recently called the police on her. Things are starting to get pretty ugly between these two as both filed for custody of their four younger children. They aren’t getting along at all, but are still living in the same house.

Kroy Calls The Police On Kim

Radar Online shared the details about Kroy calling the police on Kim. This all went down on May 2, 2023, but the information is just now being released. Kim and Kroy got into a verbal dispute around 10:00 p.m. and the police were called. Kroy met with the police first when they showed up at the door. The dispute did not get physical at all and was just verbal according to Kroy.

The fight happened because Kroy Biermann wanted to take a shower, but he said that Kim Zolciak refused to leave the master bathroom to let him. This huge house obviously has more than one bathroom he could have used. This isn’t what Kim revealed though. Her version was that she was on the phone and Kroy was shouting at her. She said when she tried to leave Biermann “would stand in the doorway” blocking her and even said that he was “chest bumping” her. Kim said that she has tried to call 911 before and that Kroy would take her phone away so she couldn’t. The kids were home but were asleep and didn’t know what was going on.

Kroy has revealed that Kim needs a mental evaluation where she is asking for him to be drug tested due to marijuana use. Things are getting pretty nasty between these two.

Kim Zolciak Trying Everything To Make Money

Now that Kim and Kroy are divorcing, she is doing everything she can to make money. It was reported that she has listed her wigs for sale for thousands of dollars. Kim is also allegedly begging Bravo to take her back and put her on television again. No word on if she wants her own show wants to be a housewife, or wants to join a spin-off, but it sounds like she really wants that paycheck back.

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