‘Shark Tank’ Season 14: Why Isn’t A New Episode Airing Tonight?

Shark Tank

Shark Tank Season 14 has been going strong on ABC every Friday night with new episodes. Each week viewers get to see four inventions and watch people try to win over the sharks to buy into their business. So, why isn’t a new episode on May 26, 2023?

Why Isn’t Shark Tank On Tonight?

It turns out that Shark Tank isn’t airing a new episode tonight because Season 14 has already come to an end. The episode last week was the season finale.

One invention last week was seen as unrealistic by viewers of the show. George “Tank” Resch came on to the show asking for $500,000 for his board game Influencers In The Wild he had hardly even sold anyone of yet. Tank has a huge social media following so he thought that would be enough to get people to want to buy his game. It turns out that you need a lot more than that to have a successful board game. None of the sharks bit on his business either. A lot of fans thought that it was unrealistic to even ask for as much as he did.

Shark Tank Season 15

Are you ready for Shark Tank Season 15? Well, it turns out that it won’t be coming anytime soon. The great news is that the show has already been renewed for another season so it will be back hopefully in the fall. They are already accepting submissions for entrepreneurs to be on the show next season, though. If you want to apply, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you aren’t, then you can have a parent sign for you. Some of the best people on the show have been young entrepreneurs trying to get their first invention out there to the world.

Last week, one invention really won the viewers over. Eyewris Folding Reading Glasses was a great invention that all five sharks fought to make sure they could be a part of. These were for people who have to carry reading glasses around all the time and instead, they could just put them on their arm making it easier. People loved that they wouldn’t lose these glasses as easily as they do their regular ones.


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Are you surprised to hear that Shark Tank Season 14 is already over? Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t miss Season 15 when it returns to ABC.

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