‘Married at First Sight’ How To Find Season 16 Couples Instagrams

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Married at First Sight Season 16 is getting closer to wrapping up. Decision Day began last Wednesday and is carrying over to this week. Since the show is coming to a close, many fans will want to continue to follow these brides and grooms on social media. Keep reading to find out how to find each of these couples on Instagram.

How to follow Season 16 Married at First Sight couples on Instagram

As Season 16 of Married at First Sight wraps up, here is how fans can find each of the couples on Instagram. The couple who seems to be the most popular this season is Nicole and Chris. In fact, they chose to stay married during last week’s first episode of Decision Day. Now, fans can continue to follow their journey. Nicole’s Instagram account is nicoley_woley. Fans can follow her husband Chris @thielky2.

Next up are Jasmine and Airris. These two have had a rough go at marriage. He has admitted to not really being sexually attracted to Jasmine. They had a lot of issues throughout their eight weeks of marriage. Fans can follow Jasmine at @_allthatjazzz and Airris @airris_dw. Unfortunately, these two decided they were not meant to be and said goodbye. They chose to divorce on Decision Day.

Another couple who is on this season is Gina and Clint. They have also had a rough go. Their wedding day was great. However, things went south on their honeymoon. It took some time for them to warm up to one another. Clint did get very attached to Gina’s dog Hank. On Decision Day, Clint and Gina mutually decided their connection is just not strong enough to remain married. So, these two also get a divorce. Those wanting to keep up with these two can follow them @gina.doesmyhair and Clint @seawebb1.

MAFS Nicole and Chris via YOuTube

The remaining two couples

Wednesday night’s episode ended on a cliffhanger. Kirsten and Shaquille decided the day before Decision Day that they were both not 100% sure they would remain married. Both had a lot to think about before their decision was revealed. Fans saw Kirsten come to the conclusion that she does want to stay married and give their marriage her best shot.

However, as Shaquille was explaining his feelings and about to reveal his decision the episode ended. Fans were not happy they have to wait until this Wednesday night to find out what Shaquille decides to do. Will he choose to stay married to Kirsten? The answer remains to be seen. However, in the meantime, fans can follow them both on Instagram @kirsten.therealtor and Shaquille @dapperdillon.

MAFS Shaquille and Kirsten

Finally, there is one couple who never even made it to Decision Day. That couple is Domynique and Mackinley. She was the most disliked cast member of the season. However, those who want to follow her can do so @domykloss. Fans can follow Mackinley @_mackinley_.

Are you planning to follow these couples from MAFS Season 16 Nashville?

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