Mama June Returns To Georgia Amid Anna’s Cancer Battle

Anna Cardwell, Mama June/IG, YouTube

Mama June Shannon has returned to Georgia amid her daughter, Anna’s cancer battle. She was previously living in Alabama with her husband of over a year, Justin Stroud. Yet, now that she is trying to play a more active role in Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell’s life, she is pulling out all of the stops. This includes a relocation. Read on for more details.

Mama June Returns To Georgia Amid Anna’s Cancer Battle

When Mama June first started dating Justin Stroud, who she met in Alabama, she decided to get a place in Georgia. She planned to be close to her girls so they could get to know her new man. Plus, she wanted to reconnect with Pumpkin, Jessica, and Honey Boo Boo. However, she eventually had to move to Alabama after she and Justin wed in March 2022 as he had some legal stuff to deal with. Pumpkin claims she never told them she was leaving. In this season of Family Crisis, June has decided to plan a lavish wedding ceremony since she and Justin got married in a courthouse.

Mama June/Instagram
[Mama June, Justin-Instagram]
Unfortunately, Anna Cardwell is the only daughter willing to show up for her. Now, Anna is battling stage 4 cancer and Mama June has been there all along. She takes her to her chemo treatments and has been helping with her two small kids. More so, she has been helping them understand what their mother is going through. In a twist, Mama June has taken one more step to ensure that Anna is being taken care of. According to The Sun, she has moved back to Georgia to be by Anna’s side for whatever she really needs.

Anna Cardwell/Mama June/YouTube
Anna Cardwell/Mama June/YouTube

Mama June revealed that her hubby still has some legal stuff to finish in Alabama. However, once that is all completed they are good to come back to Georgia. Per Justin: “We are definitely leaving Alabama. I’m in the process of leaving Alabama now and I’m in the final steps of my legal issues, so we’ll definitely be going back to Georgia.” As for what they do when she is helping out Anna in Georgia, June shared that she and Justin get an AirBnB.

A Work In Progress

Mama June made it clear that it was not Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell’s cancer diagnosis that reunited the two after long being estranged. She maintains that they had cleared the air prior to this discovery in January. “The relationship with Anna was actually working before she found out that she had cancer. It didn’t just all of a sudden miraculously start working like what Anna had cancer, you know, to make that totally clear with everybody.” Hopefully, having her mother nearby with give Anna the comfort she needs in an extremely rough and unimaginable time.

Are you happy that Mama June is making the move? Or, do you think she should leave Justin behind and head to Georgia while he wraps his stuff up? Let us know and watch Mama June: Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.



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