Mama June Prepares Daughter, Anna’s Kids Amid Cancer Battle

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Mama June Shannon is helping to prepare her daughter, Anna’s children for their mother’s cancer battle. It was recently revealed that Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell was battling stage 4 cancer. Fortunately, her family has stepped up in the best way possible, especially June. Now, she is helping the littles try to understand what exactly is going on. Read on for more details.

Mama June Prepares Daughter, Anna’s Kids Amid Cancer Battle

It is not something any mother wants to have to go through. Hearing that your child has cancer is one of the most devastating things you will ever have to go through. As for Mama June and her daughter, Anna, they had been on rocky terms for some time now. In fact, June had not been on great terms with any of her four children. She was always leaving them for something, most recently for a man. Then, she decided she wanted to be more proactive and all four were seen walking June down the aisle. She had a vow renewal for the new season of Family Crisis and got Jessica, Anna, Pumpkin, and Alana all together for it.

Mama June and Family- WE Tv
[Alana, Pumpkin, Jessica, Mama June-YouTube]
Then, news broke that Anna was battling stage 4 cancer. This was a huge blow to the whole family but now, Mama June is sharing an update with Entertainment Tonight on her eldest daughter. June shared that Anna had initially gone to the hospital in August 2022 due to back pain. However, it quickly took a turn and she then proceeded to lose all of her hair. Her cancer was so agressive but had made its way to her kidney, lungs, and spleen then it was discovered. Of course, she has two children who have to try and understand what is going on.

Anna Cardwell Youtube
Anna Cardwell Youtube

“There’s days where I don’t know [whether] to scream, get mad, or be happy. As her mom, we’ve had talks you don’t want to have with your child. We know what the endgame is and we are prepared for that. You’re never prepared, but we know what could happen. Her children know about it, the 10-year-old more than the 7-year-old,” June explained.

What’s Next For Anna?

Mama June admits that there are days where Anna Cardwell is just tired. She also does not always want to eat which is completely understandable. However, she will be getting a scan and the family will learn the results on May 9th. Hopefully, she will be going the right way and all of the chemo will have worked. She does have another round coming up but it sounds like Anna is doing the best that she can under the circumstances.

Are you happy to see that Mama June has stepped up for Anna? Send your positive thoughts this way for a miracle and a speedy recovery. Plus, do not miss Mama June: Family Crisis Fridays on WeTV.

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