Kelly Ripa Knew Ryan Seacrest Would Come Crawling Back

Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa from Live with Kelly and Mark, ABC

Ryan Seacrest might have stepped down from his cohost duties at Live, but Kelly Ripa always believed that he would come back eventually.

This week, the popular television host returned to the Live set to revisit some of his old pals. He co-hosted the show for six years before stepping down in April to pursue other ventures. Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos took over his seat.

Although Ryan hadn’t been gone long, fans were delighted to see him back on the stage. But what exactly did Kelly Ripa have to say when he stepped back onto the set?

Kelly Ripa teases Ryan Seacrest about his departure from the show

Since Mark Consuelos joined his wife as a cohost, Live has featured many interesting guests with great stories to share. But of course, Ryan Seacrest is always welcome back on the set.

Kelly and Mark had the American Idol host return as a guest for one of their new episodes this week.

Ryan Seacrest, Mark Consuelos, and Kelly Ripa from Live with Kelly and Mark, ABC
Live with Kelly and Mark/ABC

“You know, we knew he couldn’t stay away,” Kelly teased the audience as she prepared to welcome Ryan Seacrest onto the stage. “It’s been 34 days since he was last seen on this show but he’s missed us so much he just had to come back.”

Ryan was incredibly enthusiastic to be back. He ran around and high-fived audience members before giving a producer a massive hug. He voluntarily left Live, but it seems like he couldn’t be happier to make his return.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest from Live with Kelly and Ryan, ABC
Live with Kelly and Ryan/ABC

Kelly Ripa was also glad to see her old friend. He seemed to put her in better spirits, which was a relief after her onscreen outburst earlier in the week.

Could Ryan Seacrest be on the Food Network next?

Although Live fans miss seeing Ryan Seacrest every day, many are enjoying watching him on the American Idol stage.

But now, many think they would also like to see the former Live host have his very own food series too. If his hosting gig on American Idol doesn’t work out, the Food Network may have a position for him.

The 48-year-old posted a delicious-looking Mexican meal on his Instagram page just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

“My stomach is growling from excitement that it’s #CincoDeMayo tomorrow. And it definitely doesn’t help looking back at this meal,” Ryan captioned his post, attaching a video of the restaurant and his dinner.

In the comments, plenty of fans thought that Ryan Seacrest deserved his very own foodie show. He really seemed to have a knack for spotting delicious, unique eateries.

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