Duolingo & Crunchyroll Are Now Teaching ‘Anime’ Japanese

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Nick Davis

Duolingo and Crunchyroll now have a partnership that enables students of Japanese to learn “anime-specific” phrases.

Duolingo is undoubtedly the most popular language-learning app in the world at the moment. Plus, in the English-speaking world, Japanese is one of the highest languages of choice with more than 14 million learners on the app. The massive rise of anime and manga popularity in the West in recent years is a major reason why. Japanese is one of the main foreign languages heard by citizens of the United States and Canada on a regular basis. So it’s natural that many would be interested in picking up some of the language. Duolingo is now working with Crunchyroll to make its Japanese courses more anime-specific.

Duolingo x Crunchyroll

The big announcement came jointly from both companies very recently. Learners of Japanese on Duolingo may notice some iconic phrases from various anime in their lessons from now on. These phrases will help you specifically when you watch some of your favorite shows out of Japan.

duolingo and crunchyroll collabration logos
The Duolingo and Crunchyroll promo image

Crunchyroll will also be helping its user base learn Japanese with a new collection. This collection is specifically anime with simple and easy Japanese vocabulary. The shows are great starting points for anyone interested in finally attempting to watch a show in Japanese with no subtitles. One of the biggest shows in the collection is Banany, an anime about cats that live in banana peels.

Cats living in banana peels is an amazing show idea for reasons that shouldn’t need explaining to anyone with a soul.

Easy Japanese

The collaboration between the two apps has even more going for it than just that, as well. For Crunchyroll subscribers, a month of the premium Super Duolingo will be available for free for a limited time. For Duolingo Japanese learners, a one-month trial of Crunchyroll’s Mega Fan tier subscription is available for a limited time.

With super Duolingo, users can learn whatever language they please with none of the ads that free users experience. Downloadable offline lessons also become available. Mega Fan Crunchyroll subscribers get ad-free viewing as well as downloadable, offline show viewing. It also enables users to stream up to four shows at once on different devices simultaneously. Crunchyroll also has an online store with exclusive anime-related merchandise only available for premium subscribers. Mega Fan users get a special discount on this store.

Overall, it seems as though this partnership will be very beneficial for any anime-loving Duolingo users or any Crunchyroll subscribers who want to finally start learning some Japanese.

bananya anime cats in bananas
The various cats of ‘Bananya’

Subscribers to either Crunchyroll or Duolingo are able to try the premium subscription to the other application free until July 16th.

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