‘BIP’ Ashley Iaconetti Talks More Kids, Baby Names

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Ashley Iaconetti is opening up and talking about more children and baby names. While there is not a baby on the way currently, Ashley is sharing how many kids she and Jared Haibon want to have, plus, a baby name she really likes. Keep reading to find out more about what Ashley had to say.

BIP Ashley Iaconetti talks about having more babies with Jared

Ashley Iaconetti is living the good life. She married Jared Haibon whom she met on Bachelor in Paradise. It took their romantic relationship a while to blossom.  However, once it did they’ve been inseparable. After Jared realized he loved Ashley as more than just a friend he proposed and they’ve been going strong since then.

In fact, the couple welcomed their first child together more than a year ago. Now, as Dawson gets a little bigger, Ashley is talking more about expanding her family with Jared. She’s not quite ready to try for baby number two. However, Ashley has said she and Jared will most likely begin trying in August. Why? Ashley has always envisioned having her children close together in age. But, she’s just not quite ready to take that plunge just yet.

As for how many babies Ashley wants, she revealed on Instagram that she is pretty much done after having two children. When a fan asked Ashley if she and Jared would try for baby number three if baby number two is a boy she said no way.

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Ashley said, “Oh hellllll to the naw. Before having Dawson, I would have said yes. That was before having a boy and before knowing how exhausting kids are. I definitely had gender disappointment when I found out Dawson was a boy. Now, I can’t imagine it any other way of course and don’t really care whether the next is a boy or a girl. I just want our kids to be best friends like my sister and I. We’ll be two and done for sure.”

She loves that she and her sister are close in age and wants the same thing for her children.

Why is she waiting until August to start trying for a baby? Not only is she exhausted from parenting Dawson, but she also recalls the tough pregnancy she endured.

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What baby names does she like?

Ashley shared the name she loves for a little girl. The name was what she wanted to use if Dawson had been a girl. She revealed that she loves the name Arena. However, Jared did not approve of the name so it was a definite no-go for Arena.

Ashley shared what her favorite thing about being a mom to Dawson is. She loves watching him grow and be excited about learning new things. Anything that makes her son laugh and smile brings happiness to Ashley.

What do you think about Ashley’s decision to have only two babies? Do you like the name Arena?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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