‘BIP’ Fans Angry, Ashley Iaconetti Responds To The Critics

Ashley Iaconetti, YouTube

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon don’t have the smoothest love story from their time on Bachelor in Paradise. They’ve never actually been on the beach as a couple. Now, they’ve come to Mexico for what fans thought was a quick trip to advise the couples. Except, they aren’t leaving. They’re even in the intro. One fan put it like they’re the college kids who show up at high school parties.

Not only do they come back to the screen on the beach, but the producers gave them a date. They gave them a date that some of those looking to further their connections to new people could have used.  Fans were treated to an inside, somewhat uncomfortable, look into their married life. There was a will-they-won’t-they vibe set up for their sex life since they’re staying in the boom boom room, but Ashley passed gas repeatedly on camera.

Ashley Iaconetti And Jared Took Away From The Others

Fans were blown away by the amount of screen time Ashley Iaconetti and Jared were given during the fourth episode. According to US Weekly, they were on screen for a total of sixteen minutes. James Bonsall was sweet and said they deserved it, but everyone on the beach could have used a date card. There’s an elimination coming up and some of the girls like Teddi Wright and Sierra Jackson have already left. That means several men don’t have a rose.

Ashley Iaconetti, YouTube
Ashley Iaconetti, YouTube

Since this season is longer than previous seasons of BIP, one fan thinks they’ve discovered the reason. They said, “the real reason bachelor in paradise is 16 episodes is because of all of Jared and Ashley’s screen time.” There was a lot of Wells talking about their sex life which seemed unnecessary according to some fans. They are tired of his storytime skits.

The Couple Seem To Be Laughing Off The Criticism

Ashley Iaconetti is no stranger to criticism. She cried a lot over Jared and sabotaged some of his dates the second time they were on the beach. Wells Adams conveniently left that out when he told the story of their journey. She wrote a comment responding to people saying they are going to leave on Monday’s episode. This season felt like it was gearing up for some serious drama and then the married people tooting and snoozing interrupted it.

Ashley Iaconetti, YouTube
Ashley Iaconetti, YouTube

While fans did love seeing Ashley and Jared rekindle things and get married, they want to see new love blossom now. What did you think of all the Ashley and Jared screen time? Do you think they needed to get the date to work on their marriage? Are you surprised about any of the couples so far? Comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. I think it was wrong to have Ashley and Jared given so much time when the date card should have gone to one of the others on the show who was trying to connect and find love. I am more interested in the new loves being formed than
    what Jared and Ashley are doing. It was disgusting.

  2. I think it’s great they bring back a married couple to show that Paradise dating can work and result in a long term marriage … but they were given way too much air time. And the boom boom room shenanigans was ridiculous and in poor taste.

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