‘DWTS’ Witney Carson Shares Newborn’s Name With The World

Carson McAllister, Witney Carson, and their son Leo from Instagram Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars pro Witney Carson is sharing more details about her newborn son, including his name!

The dancer surprised fans when she announced she gave birth over Mother’s Day weekend, which was a little earlier than expected. After taking some time to bond with the new baby, she’s excited to share his name with the world.

Keep reading to see the unique, meaningful name she chose.

Witney Carson introduces her newborn son to the world

Witney Carson revealed that the baby came over Mother’s Day weekend, to the delight of her friends, family, and online followers. Based on her Instagram story, it seemed that the entire process happened rather quickly.

At one point, she said that her newborn’s breathing was a little fast, so the medical team needed to take him to the NICU. Thankfully, he was back in his mother’s arms a short time later.

Today, Witney shared more photos and videos of the baby on Instagram before finally revealing his name.

Witney Carson and new baby from Instagram Dancing With The Stars
Witney Carson/Instagram

“Jet Carson McAllister 🤍” Witney posted on Instagram, alongside some new photos of her newborn. His middle name “Carson” is especially meaningful as it’s Witney’s maiden name as well as her husband Carson McAllister’s first name. “Decided to join us two weeks early on May 13th at 9:21pm, just in time for Mothers Day 🤗🥹 Our hearts have doubled in size for our Jetty boy. He’s the most perfect addition to our family and has already given us so much joy! We love you baby boy.”

In the first photo, baby Jet is giving the camera a big smile. In the other two, he’s sleeping very peacefully. Although he came a little early, it seems as if he is a healthy baby.

Jet Carson McAllister from Instagram, Witney Carson's son
Witney Carson/Instagram

“Wit! Congrats you gorgeous mama! I’m so proud of you and Carson and just so happy for your growing family. ❤️❤️❤️” Val Chmerkovskiy wrote in the comments.

Perfect boy we love you!!!! 😍😍” Witney’s best friend Lindsay Arnold added. Lindsay also gave birth to her second child just a few weeks ago.

Baby Jet will join his older brother Leo at home

Already, fans are excited to see more photos of baby Jet. On top of that, they’re really interested to see how Witney’s older son adjusts to being an older brother.

The dancer gave birth to her first son, Kevin Leo McAllister, on January 3, 2021. They named him after his late grandfather and call him “Leo” for short.

Without a doubt, having two small boys will keep Witney Carson on her toes. But fans can’t wait to see all the precious memories the family makes together.

Check back soon for more Dancing With The Stars news and updates. There will be plenty of more stories to share soon!

What do you think of the name Witney Carson and her husband chose for the baby? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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