‘DWTS’ Witney Carson Gives Birth To Baby #2

Witney Carson from Instagram Dancing With The Stars, ABC

Dancing With The Stars pro Witney Carson has delivered her second son!

The 29-year-old dancer surprised DWTS viewers when she announced her pregnancy at the end of Season 31. Onscreen, she proudly announced that she and her husband Carson were going to welcome home another little one. They also share a two-year-old named Leo.

Right now, Witney is resting and recovering. Without a doubt, she’ll share more information soon. Keep reading to see the photos she’s shared online so far.

DWTS pro Witney Carson is now a proud mother of two boys

It’s not immediately clear when Witney Carson delivered the baby. Based on her Instagram story, she gave birth either late May 13 or very early May 14. Either way, it’s a pretty exciting way to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend.

Witney Carson from InstagramDancing With The Stars, ABC
Witney Carson/Instagram

For now, it seems as though Witney and her family are bonding with their little one. So far, she hasn’t shown any photos of his face or revealed many details about his birth story. The dancer simply confirmed her son’s arrival through a photo on her Instagram story.

In the image, Witney is cuddling her baby close while lying in her hospital bed. She captioned it simply, “He’s here” along with the praying hands emoji.

Witney Carson and her newborn son from InstagramDancing With The Stars, ABC
Witney Carson/Instagram

However, it did seem as though the new baby suffered some medical complications.

Later, Witney updated her Instagram story and revealed that the physicians were working on the baby.

“Baby is getting 100% oxygen and doing great but breathing a little fast,” she wrote. “They are trying to get it to slow down a little in NICU. Send prayers!”

Witney Carson from InstagramDancing With The Stars, ABC
Witney Carson/Instagram

Shortly after, the baby’s breathing slowed down a little and he was reunited with his mother. Witney posted that the time was 4:15 AM and that the baby still had to be closely monitored. But ultimately, she was just relieved that she could hold her baby.

Once things settle down a little, the Season 19 champion will probably provide more updates. Fans are eager to see photos and learn more about the little boy.

The Carson/McAllister family makes a big move

Witney Carson and her husband Carson McAllister come from Utah originally but decided it was time for a change. Recently, the couple shared online that they were planning to move to Florida this year.

While fans are excited for the family, fans can’t help but wonder if this means she’s retiring from Dancing With The Stars. After all, Witney would have to temporarily relocate to Los Angeles for the season. After welcoming another baby, this would definitely cause a lot of stress for the family. Time will tell if Witney decides to return to the show or not.

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Update: Witney has now shared his name.

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