Alfonso Ribeiro’s Family Issues Update After Daughter’s Accident

Alfonso Ribeiro, his wife Angela, and their kids Alfonso Jr., Anders, and Ava from Instagram

DWTS host Alfonso Ribeiro had some incredibly frightening news to share this week after his young daughter suffered a scooter accident.

According to social media, Ava was playing with loved ones the day before her fourth birthday when her scooter crashed. Alfonso’s wife Angela reported that they rushed Ava into emergency surgery to treat her injuries. Thankfully, the situation wasn’t worse.

But how is the little girl doing today? Angela Ribeiro provided an update on social media.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s daughter was in good spirits for her birthday party

Even though Alfonso Ribeiro’s daughter Ava took a tumble this week, it seems she still got to enjoy her birthday.

Her mother Angela uploaded several fun photos of the day, revealing that Ava had a Rapunzel-themed princess party. There was a beautiful cake and Ava even got to meet Rapunzel herself.

The family really went above and beyond to make sure Ava felt loved and supported.

Alfonso Ribeiro, his wife Angela, and their kids Alfonso Jr., Anders, and Ava from Instagram
Angela Ribeiro/Instagram

“This sweet yet fierce, charismatic, independent & insanely smart girl turned 4 yesterday,” Angela Ribeiro began her Instagram post. “Even though part of me is not ready for my baby to get older, I love watching her grow. She is full of personality, wise beyond her years, can sing beautifully on key without a single voice lesson, and is already a master negotiator. I love her imagination, bravery, athleticism, and her ability to express and show love.”

Angela Ribeiro and Alfonso Ribeiro's daughter Ava and Rapunzel from Instagram
Angela Ribeiro/Instagram

“And even with her nasty spill the day before her party, this tough girl didn’t complain once about the pain or when I had to apply the ointment every two hours,” the mother of three continued. “Happy 4th Birthday, Ava Sue. Beyond blessed to be your mama.❤️😘🥳”

Overall, it seems like the Ribeiro family’s followers were just relieved to see Ava doing so well. Despite the accident, it seems that she genuinely enjoyed her party.

Angela Ribeiro and Alfonso Ribeiro's daughter Ava from Instagram
Angela Ribeiro/Instagram

Happy birthday Princess Ava👑” DWTS pro Pasha Pashkov wrote in the comments. 

Gorgeous girl with loads of grit!!! 💝” one of Angela’s followers added. 

Are you excited to see that Ava Ribeiro still enjoyed her birthday? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Ava received prompt medical attention and is healing well

Thankfully, Ava’s accident didn’t seem to be life-threatening.

In Angela Ribeiro’s initial Instagram post, she said that she felt something wrong would happen when she woke up that day. She begged their loved ones to be careful while playing that day, but her mother’s intuition kicked in anyway.

“Sadly, my words were soon forgotten and long story short, this poor girl crashed off a sit-down scooter…the day before her bday,” Angela wrote in the post. She attached a photo of Ava after the surgery, covered in healing marks from the procedure.

She thanked the medical team and shared that Ava underwent surgery to minimize scarring. It seems as if she will make a full recovery quickly.

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