‘Yellowstone’ Taylor Sheridan Charged $50k A Week For What?

Yellowstone used with Paramount's permission

Yellowstone fans love the Duttons and Kevin Costner’s main character John Dutton. They can recite their favorite lines from the Paramount series and love themselves a good fight scene. Most of all, they love Taylor Sheridan’s rags to riches story.

However, they may be shocked to learn how much money the show’s creator is charging the Yellowstone production company. Some may even find it funny to learn that Sheridan charged $50 grand for something that Paramount could have bought for peanuts!

How is Taylor Sheridan filling his pockets with extra Paramount money?

Taylor Sheridan Is Overspending On Yellowstone With Paramount’s Blessing

Taylor Sheridan’s flagship show Yellowstone is about simple people living on a ranch. However, according to a recent WSJ article on the prolific showrunner, those expenses are extravagant and perhaps even unnecessary.

But, you have to wonder about Paramount, who agreed to co-own with Sheridan a $340 million ranch in Texas. What are they getting out of this? Because the network’s cash cow showrunner is not giving them any sort of discount on anything.

Take for example, that Tyler Sheridan charges the production company $50,o00 a week to film Bass Reeves at his Bosque Ranch near Forth Worth. While many could contend that there are plenty of significant locations nearby, or in a less expensive state, the Paramount spokesperson insists that this is more “efficient.” They contend that this way the cast and crew are all near each other.

Add that this cost did not include the cows. He charges $25 a head for them.

Then there is the infamous Cowboy Camp held at one of Sheridan’s many Texas properties. At this week-long event, the actors learn how to live like cowboys and learn how to properly ride the horses. Before Season 5, they had one of those camps and the showrunner charged Paramount nearly $215k for this experience. This cost included a $33k catering bill, and a couple grand per horse ridden.

In addition, Sheridan is raking in millions for the shows he created. But, Paramount is certainly paying for every single scene.

Yellowstone used with Paramount's permission
Yellowstone used with Paramount’s permission

Paramount Spent $500k A Minute on Yellowstone Spinoff Prequel 1923

The Yellowstone prequel spinoff 1923 has been a costly production. In Season 1, they had a cornucopia of location shoots including Malta and South Africa, as well as Montana. That means each episode is “around” 22 million dollars.

As for the OG, each episode of Yellowstone Season 5 was budgeted for $12 million per episode. They exceeded that by “several million.” Why did the cost go up? They increased their horses to 46 and needed twice as many guns as originally budgeted.

That is cheap in comparison to Season 1, where they averaged $20 million per episode. They had so many script and production delays that the total tallied way up.

While Writers Strike, Paramount Pays For Harrison Ford’s Recreational Plane Insurance

For the past week, Hollywood writers have been on strike, picketing for cost-of-living wage increases as streaming has changed their business. While the major players like Paramount could not meet these demands, they seemed to have no problem shelling out a boatload of money for Taylor Sheridan’s excessive expenditures.

Besides costs for ranches, horses, cows, and catering, Sheridan has brought out carte blanche for his A-list stars. That includes plane insurance for Harrison Ford’s recreational weekend fun. Everyone knows of the Indiana Jones star’s recent piloting mishaps. Therefore, although the publication did not cite the amount of money that Paramount paid to insure that weekend of flying prop planes, we can only guess that this was a pretty penny.

Do you think Taylor Sheridan is scamming Paramount or is he just a good business person?


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