Disney+’ Indiana Jones’ Series Won’t Star Harrison Ford?

Disney+’s highly-anticipated Indiana Jones series might not star Harrison Ford. As fans prepare for the fifth movie in the Indiana Jones franchise, creator James Mangold shared some details from the Disney+ series. The series was announced in November and is currently under development. However, the lead character from the franchise might not make it to the TV adaptation. What more did Mangold reveal about the Disney+ series? Keep reading to find out the details!

Harrison Ford And Phoebe Won’t Star In The Disney+ Series

With Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny slated to be released on June 30, 2023, the director couldn’t have been more excited. In the past, Mangold assured that the franchise would always have Harrison Ford as the titular character as reported by ComicBook. However, his recent statement says otherwise, at least for the TV adaptation. It’s too early to tell anything about the series’ star cast. However, Mangold shared a few details with fans about the series leaving a lot to be speculated.

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On Twitter, a fan tweeted about the series asking if Harrison Ford or Phoebe Waller-Bridge is reprising their characters. They wrote, “So there is an INDIANA JONES TV show on D+ with Harrison Ford as Indy or is Phoebe playing as Indy on that show?”

The filmmaker’s reply, although short clarified a major casting confusion. Replying to the fan, Mangold wrote, “Neither.”

In the thread, he further clarified his reply and wrote, “I already said that neither character you mention is in the proposed show. It’s not up to me to give away more than that yet. Sorry!”

Indiana Jones TV Series Will Be A Prequel To Lost Ark

Previously, The Hot Mic podcast reporter, Jeff Sneider revealed that he has heard the series would serve as the prequel to Raiders Of The Lost Ark. He also stated that the series will follow a surprising character introduction.

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He added, “I’ve heard that the Indiana Jones series is a prequel to Raiders Of The Lost Ark that will follow Marion’s father. I’m told he is the protagonist of the Indiana Jones series.”

Who Is Abner Ravenwood In Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones fans would remember a character, Abner Ravenwood that has been mentioned a lot in the movies. However, he never really appeared in the comics, films, or any other stories. In the Indiana Jones mythology, Abner is the father of Karen Allen’s character Marion Ravenwood. He is also the grandfather of Mutt Williams (played by Shia LaBeouf). However, he was the primary mentor of Henry Jones Jr. while he was studying.

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Indiana Jones 5 marks Ford’s final outing as the titular character. So, the Disney+ adaptation has big shoes to fill. Whoever is cast in the TV series will have to be exceptionally good to be a big hit among fans.

Are you disappointed that Harrison Ford won’t be a part of the Indiana Jones TV adaptation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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