Brandi Glanville Goes After Scheana Shay For Being A Cheater

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Brandi Glanville is going after Scheana Shay, reminding her that she was a cheater. The two have never had a great relationship, circling back to Brandi’s RHOBH days. It all had to do with the fact that Shay had an affair with Glanville’s now ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. With all of the fanfare around ‘Scandoval,’ Brandi is here to remind Scheana where she came from. Read on for more details.

Brandi Glanville Goes After Scheana Shay For Being A Cheater

Scheana Shay has come to blows with Brandi Glanville, dating back to the early days of RHOBH. Glanville was a close friend of Lisa Vanderpump while Shay initially worked at Villa Blanca. Then, she went to work at SUR and it became inevitable that Scheana and Brandi would run into one another. Unfortunately, Scheana had slept with Brandi’s former husband, actor Eddie Cibrian when they were married. Therefore, Brandi Glanville absolutely despised Scheana and was not too kind to her.

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Eventually, the two had a sit down where Scheana claimed that she had no idea that he was married when they first met. This was something former Vanderpump Rules co-star Stassi Schroeder initially found hard to believe. She felt that Scheana could have Googled Eddie and easily discovered that he was married. It seemed that Brandi and Scheana left on okay terms, they just did not need to see one another. Then, ‘Scandoval’ broke and Brandi Glanville entered the chat.

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Admittedly, she had no idea why it was such a big deal that Tom Sandoval had cheated on Ariana Madix given how the group had acted. She also called out Scheana Shay for her past behavior via Twitter. “A cheater is a cheater no matter how it goes down @scheana you knew eddie was married so it’s all the same. I wasn’t specifically talking about you I said everyone on that show has cheated. But if you want a war when we have been cool it’s sad.”

Scheana, The Homewrecker

When Vanderpump Rules first premiered, Scheana Shay was new to SUR. There, she was known as a homewrecker for her relationship with Eddie Cibrian. Despite the fact that she was in a serious relationship with Michael Shay, she could not fight the stigma. Stassi even wanted her away from her then-boyfriend, Jax Taylor. Brandi Glanville felt that Lisa Vanderpump had betrayed their friendship by keeping Scheana close to her despite what she had done. Though LVP claimed that Scheana just worked for her, that proved to be false.

Lisa Vanderpump On RHOBH [Screenshot | YouTube]
This was clear in Season 2 of Pump Rules when LVP took her daughter, Pandora, and Scheana shopping for matching birthday dresses. She then proceeded to pay for both of them. It further proved that LVP and Scheana had a very close relationship and Brandi Glanville had a smart instinct. However, Brandi has continued to make waves during her time on RHUGT4. She was sent home early for misconduct with Caroline Manzo but she has since denied it.

Do you think Brandi Glanville should stay out of the Vanderpump drama or is she right to call out Scheana? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.


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