‘RHUGT’ Drama: Crushing Aftershock Hits Brandi Glanville HARD

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Brandi Glanville is really struggling after her time on RHUGT 4. Once allegations started to fly about her crossing the line with Caroline Manzo, things got rough. There were a bunch of different stories floating around as to what happened. However, Brandi has denied any wrongdoings in the matter. Now, her lawyer is further speaking out on how this situation has impacted the RHOBH alum’s life.

Brandi Glanville Shares How RHUGT Drama Affected Her Life

When Brandi Glanville joined RHUGT 4, Bravo fans were excited after seeing her on RHUGT 2. She was a force to be reckoned with and had no filter in the Berkshires. This has been her brand since her time on RHOBH. Therefore, no one should be surprised that she can be extremely out there. When she headed to Morocco with her new cast, it looked like she was ready for a great time but that turned sour. After a handful of days of filming, it was revealed that Brandi Glanville had been sent home. Furthermore, co-star Caroline Manzo had left on her own after an uncomfortable encounter.

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No one was really sure what the encounter was but it was consistent that Brandi Glanville tried to kiss Caroline. Unfortunately, she would not back off and it became too uncomfortable for everyone, including production. This is what led Brandi to be sent home. According to Monsters & Critics, Glanville’s lawyers spoke out in January. They called the allegations toward her “false and defamatory” while adding that anything that transpired was “absolutely mutual and consensual.” This whole incident caused Brandi to have to miss The Traitors reunion which was a sad moment for viewers.

Brandi Glanville/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Now, her attorney, Duncan Levin spoke with OK Magazine and he shared more details about how Brandi Glanville is feeling since this incident happened. It has hurt her reputation and hurt her financially. Apparently, this situation has made it so that she is struggling to find more employment. “This is devastating and frankly it’s so unwarranted,” per Duncan. He also added that her camp wants the real truth to be revealed as she should not have to pay for something that she did not do.

When Will It Air?

As of now, it is unclear when RHUGT 4 will air on Peacock. More so, it is unclear if Brandi Glanville will be able to do press for this installment and clear her name. However, the third installment of RHUGT starts airing Thursday, March 23rd on Peacock. Yet, will all of the controversy surrounding Brandi and Caroline, some fans just want their season to air already.

Are you still a Brandi Glanville fan despite all of this? Plus, do you want to know what really happened behind the scenes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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