‘Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville Investigation Details Surface

Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo / YouTube

The investigation against Real Housewives star Brandi Glanville has been all over the news this past week. However, it sounds like what happened on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 4 might not be what the fans on social media have been saying.

Here is a look at what might have happened with Brandi and RHONJ star Caroline Manzo on the Morrocco trip.

Brandi Glanville accused of assault

The news is spreading all over Twitter, but most of what people are saying is rumors and innuendo. The news broke that production kicked Brandi off the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 4 set. The reason was that Caroline Manzo leveled assault charges against her with the production.

Brandi Glanville / YouTube

This led to Brandi being sent to a different hotel and HR has gotten involved in the investigation. The news first started with the idea there was a “major fight” between the two Housewives on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 4. Not only did Brandi get sent to a new hotel, but Caroline ended up going home.

The rumors online indicated that it involved Brandi wanting to get revenge for things done to people like Teresa Giudici and others onĀ Real Housewives of New Jersey. It also sounds like there could be legal ramifications if Caroline decides to pursue action. However, according to one insider, it sounds like there wasn’t a fight, and it might have been something completely different.

Podcast host Zack Peter clarifies some of the rumors from Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 4

Podcast host Zack Peter took to YouTube to discuss the entire situation, and it sounds like this was a case of Brandi Glanville overstepping some boundaries and she took things too far. However, he said that he spoke to several different sources and they denied many of the online rumors.

First, Zack said that everyone he talked to said this had nothing to do with any of the other Housewives that were mentioned. He also said that sources indicated that this was a case of Brandi being Brandi. Zack said Brandi was possibly trying to loosen up Caroline. She then stepped over the line on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 4.

He hinted that Brandi has no problem with exposing herself to others and kissing other women. He believes that this assault was not a physical fight. Instead, it was possibly a situation where Brandi made Caroline feel very uncomfortable sexually, which is also categorized as an assault and is what HR is now investigating.

Zack also said all his sources indicate the other Housewives on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 4 were mostly on Brandi’s side. This is likely why Caroline left and went home. He also said that this could cause some problems for Brandi, who was wanting back into the fold on RHOBH. However, he also said that he heard it is all on film. It will be a situation where the investigators can see the entire situation as it unfolds.

What are your thoughts on Brandi Glanville and Caroline Manzo’s controversy on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip Season 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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