Enough Already? Bravo Fans Want ‘Scandoval’ To Die

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Are Bravo fans completely over ‘Scandoval’ and ready for it to die already? It has been almost two months since the affair news broke and rocked the Bravo-verse. Since then, Vanderpump Rules fans have been embroiled in the drama and every little detail that goes along with it. Furthermore, they are now picking apart each episode from Season 10 and previous seasons in search of clues. Fans are voraciously looking to see if Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss have had a thing for each other for some time now. Yet, is it all becoming too much? Read on for more details.

Enough Already? Bravo Fans Want ‘Scandoval’ To Die

The day that ‘Scandoval’ broke, Bravo fans ate the news up as their jaws dropped. How could Tom Sandoval cheat on his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix? Moreover, how could he do it with Raquel Leviss? Raquel always seemed so sweet and nice so why would she betray someone who was supposedly her best friend? Then, there were rumors that Ariana’s other best friend, Scheana Shay had punched Raquel as the two had just done WWHL together. They were in NYC the night that Ariana learned about the affair and called Raquel to confront her.

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There has been a new revelation daily and fans can hardly keep up. Then, Tom Schwartz dropped the bomb that ‘Scandoval’ started in August 2022. That was when Scheana and Brock Davies got married in Mexico and when Schwartz and Raquel first kissed. Of course, more details started to emerge but is it too much? Are Bravo fans over all of this and ready for some new material? According to a Reddit thread, fans are over this “storyline.” The OP wrote: “At what point is enough going to be enough in order for Scandoval and the surrounding outrage to die down?”

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They went on to note that they do not agree with the affair but feel that it is all getting out of hand. Fans are wanting to physically hurt Raquel and has become too much for something of this magnitude. Fellow Redditors chimed in with their thoughts. “We need to see the reunion. We have been left with no closure yet so that’s why it’s still being discussed. Also new stuff comes out every second so it’s hard not to discuss it,” one noted. Another added: “This 🤌🏽🤌🏽 the show is still going until it closes out with the reunion.”

It’s Not Over

Maybe some Bravo fans are ready for ‘Scandoval’ to be over but other diehards are still lapping it up. There is the Season 10 reunion which was supposedly extreme. Plus, other Redditors reminded the OP that it is hard not to be immersed in the scandal as the season is still airing. Therefore, until it has come to completion and even sometime after, fans will still be talking about the drama. Sadly, there is a lot more to unpack.

Are you ready for ‘Scandoval’ to end or are you very invested? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Wednesdays on Bravo.

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  1. I think if Ariana and the PumpRules brats keep this up… Tom and Raquel will spill the beans on the rumored threesomes TAR had and T&R subsequently fell for each other. Also it was not so long ago when folks wanted Tome to leave Ariana because she would not give him the traditional family that he so desired. So can we let this thing GO! Move On! Ariana moved on it’s not like Tom killed your pet! They were over well before this and Ariana was vindictive as hell for exposing it in the way she did because it was Raquel. If it were any stranger it would have been a mutual statement from both of them that they were quits.

    1. 1000% agree. It’s time for this story to end. I turned off WWHL last night when Andy wouldn’t drop the story and ask James about the future. Not watching any more episodes or reunion. Move on!

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