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‘RHOBH’: Was Brandi Glanville Telling The Truth All Along?

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Brandi Glanville appears to have been cleared of all lying charges pertaining to anything and everything on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Producers of Bravo’s RHOBH claim that there has never been any evidence that Brandi Glanville has ever lied during her time on the show.

So that means there could be a lot of people who owe Brandi some big apologies. According to Reality Blurb, when Glanville claimed she was not lying about having an affair with former housewife Denise Richards, she was telling the truth.

Producers claim they scoured hours upon hours of video recordings of Glanville’s time on the reality series and cannot find one bit of evidence indicating she lied about anything.

All the juicy details are there in black and white in Dave Quinn’s new tell-all book “Not All Diamonds and Rose: The Inside Story Of The Real Housewives From The People Who Lived It.” Executive producer Chris Cullen reveals in the book Brandi spoke the truth.

Credit Brandi Glanville Instagram-YouTube
Credit Brandi Glanville Instagram-YouTube

Brandi Glanville Framed By RHOBH Co-Stars

“She told the truth about Adrienne Maloof, she told the truth about Lisa Vanderpump,” he explains. “People may not believe her, but she told the truth about Kim Richards being a f*****g mess. She may have gotten her drug of choice wrong, but, Kim was using again and had fallen off the wagon. All of it was true. So yes, the critics will say that Brandi is not credible and will cite examples, but they are incorrect in what they’re citing. We don’t really have evidence of Brandi ever lying.”

During RHOBH Season 10 Brandi made allegations against Denise Richards. The allegations made for a huge storyline featuring Richards. However, Glanville was not a main cast member during that time. Brandi came forward during a dinner thrown by Kyle Richards.  Lisa Rinna reveals that the wives were given a heads up that something huge was going to go down.

The Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville drama is still being brought up throughout season 11, despite Richards leaving the series. Bravo fans are claiming that it is amazing just how many times Brandi Glanville had to defend herself over the years. She was always portrayed as the ‘bad guy.” Fans believe that despite Glanville’s raunchy mouth and hard-drinking, she really came across as the most sincere housewife.

Credit Brandi Glanville Instagram
Credit Brandi Glanville Instagram

Where Were Brandi’s Real Friends?

One commenter claims “Brandi got a raw deal. She spoke the truth and Denise, LVP, and Maloof. They all acted as they were perfect people and were shocked that anyone would ever accuse them of such wrongdoings.”

“It may be time to bring Brandi Glanville back, let her have her justice. I’m sure the others are terrified she may have something on them, especially Rinna and Kyle,” adds another.

“Can Bravo please tape a series about this book and call out every one of the wife’s dirty secrets on-air? This would make for fantastic TV!,” posts one more Bravo fan.

Did Brandi Glanville catch a bad wrap on RHOBH? Do you believe all the dirt that is being revealed in this tell-all book?


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