‘American Idol’ Katy Perry Opens Wide & Squeezes Eyes Shut

Blonde Katy Perry [Source: Katy Perry - Instagram]

American Idol judge Katy Perry opened her mouth wide and squeezed her eyes shut. She shared a shocking photo with her fans on social media. Some of them were in shock by what she posted. Keep on reading to learn more and see the shots for yourself.

Katy Perry startles fans

Earlier this week, Katy Perry shared new shots from the set of American Idol. The live shows are now here and fans didn’t like the first three-hour episode. In the first photo, she opened her red lips wide and squeezed her eyes shut. The songstress looked like she had a huge fly on the side of her forehead. Katy put her hand to her face as she looked like she was in a state of shock.

Katy Perry Wears Mesh Bodysuit & Cowgirl Hat [Source: Katy Perry - Instagram]
[Source: Katy Perry – Instagram]
Her jet-black hair draped down around her face and down her shoulders. She wore a plaid dress and a matching choker. She flaunted her brown eyeshadow and tanned skin in the close-up photo. The next shot was taken faraway and included her fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Lionel looked shocked and pointed at Katy’s head.

Meanwhile, Luke was ready to slap the bug off her face. Katy Perry captioned her shots with “🪰 the #idol fly 🪰.” However, there was no need to worry. As you can see in the first picture, it’s a fake bug. The celebrity judges were pulling a prank on the fans. Some of them took to the comment section to react.

It was filled with crying and laughing emojis. Other fans were in shock. They thought an actual fly was on Katy Perry’s face. However, most of the fans found this photo to be funny. This comes amid the backlash against the celebrity judge that’s been ongoing.

American Idol backlash

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Katy Perry got backlash this season. Most fans don’t like the way she’s treated the contestants and have vowed not to watch. Some have noticed the way she’s treated the female contestants from the male contestants.

Others called her out for “shaming” and “bullying” the contestants. It all started with the audition process on American Idol Season 21. Fans won’t forget the way that Katy interacted with Sarah Liebe, who is a 25-year-old mom of three. She even confirmed that the embarrassing audition process made her uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts on Katy Perry opening her mouth and squeezing her eyes shut with a fly on her face? Did you believe that it was real at first? Or, did you realize that it was fake? What are your thoughts on Katy’s behavior this season? Sound off below in the comment section.

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