Fans Demand Ryan Seacrest Leave ‘American Idol,’ Why?

Ryan Seacrest [Source: YouTube]

Fans want Ryan Seacrest to leave American Idol after he made his big move back to the west coast. They’re asking him to quit after this disaster of a season. Keep reading to learn more.

The Katy Perry backlash

For much of American Idol Season 21, Katy Perry has been at the center of backlash. Fans don’t like the way she’s treated the contestants this season. Some noticed that she favors the male hopefuls over the women contestants. The Ryan Seacrest-hosted competition has gotten more dramatic than ever this season.

It’s not because of the contestants. Last season, fans complained about the favoritism over country artists. American Idol Season 21 has a great array of diverse hopefuls. However, fans aren’t happy with the celebrity judges. They feel that the comments have been skewed in their favor.

Ryan Seacrest [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Most of the criticism has been pointed toward Katy. They don’t like the way she has treated some of the contestants, including Paige Ann and Sara Liebe. Some are holding out hope for an apology, while others want her off the show. Rumors are swirling that Season 21 could be Katy’s final season.

Producers are also taking note of the backlash. Fans are now asking for Ryan Seacrest to leave the show. They’re sick of the criticism and think he also has something to do with it. This comes after he left Live with Kelly and Ryan.

AI fans want Ryan Seacrest to quit

On Monday’s episode of American Idol, fans took to social media to slam Ryan Seacrest. They’re demanding he should leave the show. Suddenly, Katy wasn’t getting all the backlash. The host had to inform the contestants if they made it to the Top 12.

Some fans thought he made a “nasty” comment. Ryan Seacrest made it clear that he wasn’t going to sweeten things over with the hopefuls. The viewers took notice of one comment he made. They called it “harsh.”

“You sang, ‘Lose You To Love Me,'” Ryan Seacrest started before adding, “We might lose you tonight.”

Ryan Seacrest Hosts American Idol [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Fans called him out on the live discussion on Reddit. Just this one comment alone made them fed up with Ryan. Now, fans are wanting him to step down as host. They are sick of the unnecessarily cruel comments this season.

“Ryan really needs to leave the show. He’s been so off today and yesterday, he just seems done,” one fan wrote.

Meanwhile, other fans on Twitter are calling out the judges. Some also called Ryan Seacrest “brutal.” Some think he’s over the show even though he moved to West Coast to host the live episodes.

What are your thoughts on fans demanding Ryan Seacrest leave American Idol? Do you agree that he was rude? Or, do you think he was just being honest? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. No I don’t think Ryan Seacrest should leave. He was just being honest. Any of them could leave at any time. That’s the chance they take when they enter the contest. Ryan’s a nice guy. He gets to know each contestant. He’s nice to all of them.

    1. I think Ryan was just being honest in how he feels about the outcome rather if they will make it or not but it’s depends how well they do on their performance but that has nothing to do with Ryan but he is a great guy but go and be in his shoes 👞 and do his job for the day and see how much pressure you are under

      1. Ryan has done an amazing job on Idol from day one. He is a great host. always a smile on his face, and very fair with the contestants. Why would anyone want to put blame on a man that does such a great job..

    2. I 100% Agree with Your Comment About Ryan and He Did Nothing Wrong, but Think a Change in Judges Should Happen!

  2. Ryan has done an amazing job on Idol from day one. He is a great host. always a smile on his face, and very fair with the contestants. Why would anyone want to put blame on a man that does such a great job..

  3. American Idol needs Katy gone from the show. I’ve quit watching for two years now because I don’t care for the judges and really dislike Katy. The show is failing and falling fast. Clean house and try again.

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