’Darcey & Stacey’ Season 5: Renewed Or Canceled?

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Has Darcey and Stacey been renewed for Season 5 or is it over for good? Fans are starting to wonder now that Season 4 ended on an interesting note. Florian Sukaj and Stacey Silva had their lavish vow renewal while her twin, Darcey confessed to hooking up with Georgi Rusev. The two had been engaged twice and then went their own ways despite him still being in love with her. So, will viewers get to see what happens next? Read on for more details as to what is known so far.

Darcey And Stacey Season 5: Renewed Or Canceled?

Darcey and Stacey had an interesting season. They spent most of it in Miami trying to build their brand. At the same time, Darcey Silva enlisted the help of a matchmaker so she could find love. Sadly, she had to fire the matchmaker because she told Darcey to get therapy. Additionally, Stacey was planning her lavish vow renewal to Florian yet he did not have a job. However, he did have a best man in mind and it was Georgi. The girls were also trying to expand their brand and were writing new music. Plus, Darcey’s eldest daughter, Aniko headed to college in Arizona.

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There was a lot of drama, especially when their father, Mike Silva had a stroke. Stacey decided to move her wedding to Connecticut from Florida at the last minute. While Georgi was feeling jealous around Darcey, he confessed to Florian that the two had hooked up. This then came out before the wedding. He tried to make it work one last time with her but she walked away. So, will fans get to see what happens next with Darcey and Stacey? A fan asked about the future on Reddit and here is what happened.

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“Most likely it won’t be back before January. 😪 We’ll just have to be Silva Strong! I feel your pain…I watch other shows but none of them are nearly as satisfying!” one replied. Another added: “I love this stupid show. They’re a hoot and fun to watch. I think they’ll bring it back cause i believe D&S is their second highest rated show.” Of course, some Redditors think it’s time for them to go.

How Their Seasons Work

Darcey and Stacey had a Season 3 renewal right as Season 2 ended. Season 3 began in January 2022 and ended in March. Then, Season 4 aired almost exactly a year later. So, if that is any indication, Season 5 would come back in January 2024. However, if there is such a high fan demand and TLC needs the programming, it could come back sooner. Fans will just have to wait for the official announcement.

Are you hoping for Season 5 of Darcey and Stacey? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. I’d love to see another season PLUS of Darcey and Stacey. With every season so far, I always hope that Darcey would find her soul mate. Personally, I’d love to see with Georgi, happily married and living a good life together. Darcey deserves it. She has a huge heart. Soooo YES please bring these 2 back for more seasons!

    1. Might I suggest you get a life and get out of the house more often? Is your life so empty that you have to live vicariously through two profoundly emotionally damaged women?

      1. People stop judging and calling names. Yes we want season 5. I’d like to see Stacy keep standing up for herself to Florian and Darcy to be more fulfilled without some beefcake doing his biz on her. SMH. men stink. 🙄

      2. Scott,

        Apparently you are very interested in the Twins, or you wouldn’t be here. It’s ok, really it is! It’s not like we, as in people that like the show, sit and watch seasons over and over just to get our fix. We watch because it’s entertainment. That’s it. Nothing else. I personally have a life, and a good one at that. I live in a gorgeous part of the world where I love the outdoors. I hike, rock climb and go fishing every chance I get. All this while working a 60+ hours weekly job that I love. So Scott, don’t judge people for watching reality TV. It’s really none of your business.

        Take care, and get out and grab some of that fresh air while you can. ✌

      3. Why does it bother you Scott? Those two so called emotionally damaged women are making millions!! And how much are you making Scott, hem??

        1. They are not making millions. Where did you even get that from? House of Eleven is a flop, it doesnt make money. They did nit get a lot of money from their show, plus their show is canceleld.

    1. It’s not horrific. idk why you say that
      It’s about people and women, sisters wangimg more from life. You wouldn’t understand. you’re a judger!!!!👽

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