Did Stacey Silva’s Wedding Go Off Without A Hitch?

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Did Stacey Silva’s wedding go off without a hitch? The Darcey and Stacey star had to reevaluate her whole wedding after her father had a stroke. However, she is hopeful that her planner has the skill set to make it flawless. Did it all come together as she had wanted or did it fall apart? Read on for more details.

Did Stacey Silva’s Wedding Go Off Without A Hitch?

Stacey Silva had planned a lavish wedding in Miami. Though she and her husband, Florian Sukaj are already married, she wanted a lavish event. The two tied the knot on a lawn basically during quarantine in 2020. However, that was not the plan at all so then they were going to do a twin wedding. Stacey’s twin sister, Darcey was engaged to Georgi Rusev so they thought they would do this together and split the costs. Unfortunately, the couple split after Season 3 so it was left to Stacey and Florian to plan.

Stacey Silva/YouTube
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She wanted over the top and, since she was footing the bill, Stacey Silva had all that she could have wanted. Then, as she, Darcey, and their close friends were celebrating the bachelorette party in NYC, they got heartbreaking news. Their father, Mike Silva had suffered a mini-stroke. Therefore, Stacey did not feel right having her wedding in Miami anymore seeing that Mike could not really travel. So, she and Florian decided that they would move everything up to Connecticut to accommodate her father. The wedding planner took on the challenge and it seems like it worked out.

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According to People, Mike was able to walk Stacey Silva down the aisle. He donned a gorgeous tux while Darcey was escorted down the aisle by her ex, Georgi. Florian was adamant that he was his best friend and that he would be his best man. Per a clip, the two beamed as they walked with linked arms as Mike and Stacey followed. Darcey’s daughters, Aniko and Aspen were also in the bridal party with the wedding taking place in November 2022.

All Coming Together

Though it was not a Miami wedding, Stacey Silva and Florian wed at the Saybrook Point Resort & Marina. For that time of year, it looked like the weather was beautiful and it came together better than anyone could have expected. “This is the moment that we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been together eight years and been through so much and our love has survived. We’re here now. We made it. To say our vows in front of family and friends, it’s breathtaking,” Stacey Silva told People. They did realize that they had some issues that need resolution in their marriage but hoped to heal them prior to their wedding. Looks like it worked.

To see the whole wedding go down, from beginning to end, watch the two-hour Darcey and Stacey wedding special Monday on TLC.


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