‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Shocked At Pat Sajak’s Onscreen Tantrum

Pat Sajak, Wheel of Fortune, CBS Media Ventures

Pat Sajak and Vanna White are staples of the popular long-running game show, Wheel of Fortune. They’ve been with the program for a very long time and appreciate it when the rules are obeyed.

But what happens when a contestant goes a little rogue? Here’s a hint: Pat Sajak does not like it at all.

One Wheel of Fortune guest gets chastised by Pat Sajak on air

Wheel of Fortune has been on the air for decades now and fans have seen many sorts of onscreen incidents. But one recent guest definitely got more than he bargained for during his appearance.

 Wheel of Fortune, CBS Media Ventures
Wheel of Fortune/CBS Media Ventures

This week, it seems like a contestant named Dirk was a little too eager to start the game. And Pat Sajak was not in the mood for his shenanigans.

“Dirk jumps into a slight lead! – oh don’t!” Pat said, then abruptly stopped when he realized Dirk had started to spin the wheel prematurely. He was supposed to wait until a new puzzle had been announced. Pet thrust his hand into the frame to stop Dirk from going forward.

“Don’t – don’t spin yet,” Pat snapped in annoyance. It was immediately clear that the audience found the situation incredibly uncomfortable to watch. The camera then cut back to Pat as he continued to announce the next category.

“Come on Dirk spin for goodness sake!” the long-time host said after revealing the next category was “What Are You Doing.”

 Pat Sajak and Vanna White, Wheel of Fortune, CBS Media Ventures
Wheel of Fortune/CBS Media Ventures

Although the situation was definitely awkward to watch, fans on Twitter seemed to side with Pat Sajak. They also felt annoyed that the contestant tried to jump the gun and spin before his turn officially started.

If you caught the episode, what did you think? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

This behavior isn’t out of the ordinary for Pat Sajak

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Pat Sajak has made a Wheel of Fortune guest feel uncomfortable. Back in March, the 76-year-old teased a contestant for her fear of fish.

The contestant, named Ashley, said she was absolutely terrified of fish in all different shapes in forms. She didn’t want them on her plate and didn’t want to be anywhere near them.

Unfortunately, Pat Sajak decided to pull a prank on her. At one point during the episode, he even pulled a fake fish out of his pocket to scare her. Poor Ashley looked absolutely horrified and uncomfortable at his joke.

Do you think Pat Sajak is too rough with the contestants at times? Leave your opinions in the comments.

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