Pat Sajak Sternly Corrects ‘WoF’ Player Who Forgot Rules

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Host Pat Sajak sternly corrected a Wheel of Fortune player who forgot the rules. This week is College Week. One of the young players made a mistake. She wanted to buy a vowel, but she needed to solve the puzzle. Find out what happened next.

India makes blunder on Wheel of Fortune

In a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, India from Florida A&M University simply forgot the rules. After she spun the wheel, she wanted to buy a vowel. However, she had to solve the puzzle. Host Pat Sajak was cold when she made the on-air blunder.

At first, India guessed the letter “C” correctly. Little did she know, she had to solve the rest of the puzzle. Pat tried to correct her. He explained the simple rule that she would have to solve the puzzle before buying another letter.

Pat Sajak Speaks To Players [YouTube]
Noah was up next. He correctly guessed the puzzle as “Social Media Influencer.” India ended up losing that round. Regardless, she got to take home $1,000 despite her mistake. Pat Sajak said she was lucky to win something despite “forgetting the rules.”

The game show host is known for his dry and sarcastic sense of humor. However, fans mistake it as being cold and rude. Pat has been under his share of scrutiny over the last few years. Some fans think he should get fired from his long-running position as the game show host.

India On Wheel Of Fortune [YouTube]
Pat Sajak previously hinted that he may leave the show sooner than expected. He’s talked about the show going on without him. Pat feels that it’s a well-oiled machine that could do fine on its own. He thinks it could use a new host.

Wheel of Fortune fans is happy to hear this news. Some of them have been waiting for it to happen. Pat has been called out for his rude and inappropriate behavior with the contestants. Some aren’t happy with the way he treated India’s snafu.

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Pat Sajak hints about leaving the game show

Back in September, Pat Sajak spoke to Entertainment Tonight about leaving the show. He’s fronted Wheel of Fortune alongside Vanna White since the early 80s. However, he sees the show going on without them. This could be hard for some to swallow.

“In most television shows by this time, you would have said, ‘That’s probably enough,’ but this show will not die,” Pat Sajak told ET. “It appears I may go before the show.”

He made it clear that at his age he can’t host WoF for another 40-year run. Pat noted that “the end is near” for his position as well as Vanna’s. Some fans wonder if Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, will take his place. She currently serves as their social media correspondent.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak sternly correcting the player? Do you like how he hosts the show? Or, do you think he’s rude to the players? Sound off below in the comment section.

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    1. I wouldn’t call it cold hearted but as a host one of your functions is to ensure fair game play and enforce a rule where and when necessary. true some people forget but to accuse a host of condescending when enforcing a rule is a stretch. there nayia lot of things going on behind the scenes that they chose not to air

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