‘Wheel Of Fortune:’ Pat Sajak Mocks Contestant On Stage

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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak has been open to criticism before. However, this week, he mocked a contestant on the show and had to openly apologize to her on air. What happened? Keep reading for all the details.

Pat Sajak Mocks Wheel Of Fortune Contestant For Her Fears

As with any other contestant on the Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sajak began introducing Ashley. Each person is asked to provide some unique facts about themselves. The highlighted piece of information for Pat was that Ashley was afraid of fish.

“You don’t like to eat them, you don’t like to swim with them?” Pat asked her. She confirmed her fear, stating that she doesn’t want to be near them whether they are on a plate or in water.

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He continued to try and get more information about her phobia, but Ashley refused to talk about it anymore. “It’s a long story Pat, we don’t have time,” she replied to the Wheel of Fortune host. Viewers could see that she was nervous even speaking about it, which is why Pat’s next move was unexpected.

Ashley wound up with the highest score out of the three contestants, moving her to the final round. Before they got started, Pat Sajak pulled a fake fish out of his pocket. Ashley immediately turned away, looking legitimately afraid.

As Pat continued to wave it around, Ashley looked pale. “Ashley, you alright!? Big winner $23K!” Pat stated. Then he added, “You’ll forgive me for that won’t you?”

Though she was visibly unhappy, she went on to win $63K in total. Fans found the situation somewhat comical, despite Ashley’s fears.

One person took a moment to theorize what casting must have been like. “Wheel of Fortune contestant coordinator: Tell us something interesting about yourself. Contestant: I f***ng hate fish,” they tweeted. Another just wrote “I’m dead” with a fish emoji.

This Isn’t The First Time Pat Sajak Has Had To Apologize

Fans of Wheel of Fortune know that this isn’t the first time Pat Sajak has “stuck his foot in it.” He has had to apologize to other contestants before too.

One of the more memorable cringe-worthy moments on WOF was when Pat asked to tug on a contestant’s beard. While he was introducing the player to the audience, he mentioned that he played the role of Santa for his grandkids. He laughed and asked if he could “tug on it.” The contestant said, “Yes sir.” So, Pat moved forward and tugged the man’s beard. There were gasps and nervous laughter in the live audience. Many viewers agreed that it was an invasion of personal space and crossed a line.

Pat Sajak on 'Wheel of Fortune' - YouTube
YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

Even Pat Sajak was visibly uncomfortable afterward. He even took a moment to apologize to the man, calling him Santa. Pat said he’d never done that before and doesn’t plan to ever again.

What do you think about what the Wheel of Fortune host did to Ashley on the show? Was it a harmless prank or did he cross another line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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