‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Pat Sajak Gives Biggest Money Win For 2023

Pat Sajak [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak gave away the biggest money in 2023. Contestant Preston Leslie counted his lucky stars during the broadcast. He walked away with the biggest prize yet. Keep on reading to learn more and to get all the details.

Contestant Preston Leslie wins big

Preston Leslie was one of the contestants on a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune. At the start of the show, he told host Pat Sajak that he was a gymnastics coach from Seattle, Washington. Little did he know that he would win big later that episode. He won a trip to Costa Rica and won $26,000 during the game.

For the bonus round, Preston chose the category “Phrase.” He only had three letters left in the three-word puzzle, which was an easy guess. Pat Sajak informed him to “just say it” as the player looked like he knew the answer.

Vanna White & Pat Sajak [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
“Bust a move?” Preston asked. The puzzle board revealed he was correct. Pat opened the gold envelope, which didn’t reveal the $40,000 bonus, but the $100,000 prize, which is the biggest of this season. Confetti and streamers blasted into the air as Preston was in shock over his prize winnings.

That put him with a total of $126,000. Preston broke out into tears as he embraced his partner of 14 years, who rushed on stage. Even hostess Vanna White joined in on the moment to hug and congratulate the contestant.

Preston Wins Bonus Round [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
It was a big moment for everyone involved. At the end of the show, Pat Sajak admitted to Preston and Vanna that he never heard of the phrase “Bust a move” ever in his life.

“‘Bust a move,’ what does that mean?” Pat Sajak asked. Preston joked that he knew of it since he’s used it before.

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak causes a fan frenzy

Fans took to Twitter during the broadcast to share their reaction. Most of them were happy for Preston, while others were astounded at the huge cash prize. They thought it was about time for America’s Game Show to step it up with their bonus prizes.

  • “A $100,000 win finally!”
  • “A guy just won $100,000 on Wheel of Fortune. I got chills!”
  • “My old tumbling coach winning Wheel of Fortune.”
  • “$100,000 winner on Wheel of Fortune!!! Wooooooooooo!”
  • “It was nearly a year ago when Ilene won the big one on January 25, 2022.”

Pat Sajak has hinted about his career coming to an end. Fans wonder who will fill in for the game show host. This week, a contestant named Eric admitted that he was interested in Pat’s job. He said he would be happy to take over for him. The audience gasped as Pat didn’t know what to say.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak giving away the biggest money in 2023? Does this surprise you? Especially with an easy puzzle? Sound off below in the comment section.

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