‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Player Leaves Pat Sajak Blushing, Why?

Pat Sajak [YouTube]

Pat Sajak was caught blushing. He was speechless and impressed during the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune. The incident took place at the beginning of the show when Pat learned about each of the contestants. Keep on reading to learn more and see what happened next.

America’s Game Show host turns beet-red

Host Pat Sajak kicked off the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune with the “$1,000 Toss-Up.” He introduced each of the contestants to the viewers at home. One of the players was Mateena Howell from Gary, Indiana. She revealed that she’s a singer and actress who loves video games. Mateena also managed to make Pat blush.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestants [YouTube]
“I’ve been acting and singing since I was a little girl,” she shared. “I performed on a Taste of Chicago, been in several movies, and trying to keep on moving up.”

Pat Sajak asked her: “What do you like to do when you’re not acting and singing?”

Mateena admitted that she’s a “gamer all the way” and that she’s “very, very competitive.” She added that she’s a “good team player, too.” Pat then asked her: “What are you best at?”

Mateena Flirts With Pat Sajak [YouTube]
“I’m good at everything, baby,” Mateena said with a wink. Laughter erupted from the studio audience. Pat Sajak was speechless. He stood in silence for a few seconds. After he paused and recollected his thoughts, he added: “She called me ‘baby.'”

“How about Wheel of Fortune? You pretty good at that?” Pat Sajak asked Mateena, getting back to the game at hand. “Let’s hope so, I’m very good at home,” Mateena responded.

Pat Sajak was left speechless yet again

This moment comes after Pat Sajak was speechless by another contestant. She solved a puzzle without needing any help. During the “Triple Toss-Up,” the players had to solve each of the puzzles under the category, “What Are You Wearing?”

Pat Sajak asked: “Who will get number three.” Co-host Vanna White touched one of the blocks closest to her, which revealed an “F.” Anne buzzed in as she immediately knew the answer. She responded: “Suit of Armor,” to which Pat responded with a resounding “Wow.”

Pat Sajak [YouTube]
He was speechless at Anne’s ability to know the puzzle without needing any more hints. “That was very good,” he added. Pat Sajak has been criticized in the past for the way he’s reacted to the contestants. Some fans think he picks favorites, while others think he’s rude to them. It’s obvious whenever Pat loses interest in the players.

What are your thoughts on a Wheel of Fortune player leaving Pat Sajak blushing? Did it surprise you when she called him “baby”? Do you think he’s doing better with the contestants? Sound off below in the comment section.

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