Barbara Corcoran Declares Love For Firing Employees On Fridays

Barbara Corcoran's ABC Interview

Barbara Corcoran declared her love for firing employees on Fridays. Her interview resurfaced on social media and sparked a heavy debate among fans. The Shark Tank star is under criticism for admitting that she’s gleeful about firing her employees. Keep on reading to learn more and see this latest controversy.

Barbara Corcoran is gleeful about firing employees

Back in December 2022, Barbara Corcoran appeared on The Diary of a CEO podcast. She revealed the favorite part of her job, which is not making money or growing her brand. Rather, Barbara loves to fire employees. She was so gleeful about it and shared that Fridays are for firing since they can enjoy the weekend early. The business mogul fires those who aren’t enthusiastic about their job.

“What I would love to do is call someone into my office on Friday,” Barbara Corcoran explained. “I love firing people on Friday. I would stop by someone’s desk on a Wednesday and say, ‘Hey, would you have any time, sometime on Friday?'”

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The former Dancing with the Stars contestant says the employee should already know why they’re meeting with her. Barbara makes sure the “rumors” follow them around the office. She was happy as she exclaimed that she gets giddy about firing them. Her interview has gone viral in the past week alone.

Steven Bartlett, the 30-year-old podcast host, shared a clip of Barbara’s comments on TikTok. At the time of this writing, it has over 2.2 million views and counting. During the episode, the real estate mogul explained that she loves to fire employees “who were negative” and “ruining my good kids.”


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“I’m not talking about people who tell you what you’re doing wrong,” Barbara Corcoran said. “They’re invaluable so that you can get better. I’m talking about chronic complainers and negative people, you gotta get rid of them.”

Shark Tank star blasted by fans

Barbara Corcoran carried on about why she loves firing her employees. She revealed that she doesn’t tell them why she’s firing them. Instead, she wants to give them the booth as soon as possible. She vaguely tells them they’re not a good fit.

The reality star hasn’t spoken out about the criticism. However, the internet has a lot to say about it though. She was blasted by fans who called her out for being so excited about firing her own employees. Some called her an “evil” boss while others compared her to the Disney villain Cruella De Vil.


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Others have also shared their experience with a toxic work situation. Some had to leave the situation, while others stuck it out even if it was a negative experience for them, personally. There are also some fans who defended Barbara Corcoran’s shocking take. They agreed that negative people can drag down the morale of a workplace.

What are your thoughts? Are you surprised that Barbara Corcoran loves firing her employees? Do you think negative employees can ruin the workplace? Sound off below in the comment section.

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