Kevin Hart and ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ Have A Funny History

Kevin Hart has been all about Shark Tank for years. This Friday, he is back in a more serious turn after several comedic takes on the hit ABC show geared for a comeback with an all-new episode 10.

TV Shows Ace received notice from ABC today about Hart’s return to the award-winning reality show where successful, high-profile investors (AKA, the Sharks) field the business pitches from entrepreneurs who have had some modicum of success on their own and now need that leg up to negotiate in the big leagues.

The entrepreneurs offer up their best pitches and try to convince the Sharks to invest their hard-earned cash and give them the funding they need to take their business to the next level.

The sharks react in their own quirky ways when they hear an idea worth sinking their teeth into. The show’s fun is how they politically maneuver the pitching business to either go with them or understand why their business proposition makes no sense.

Kevin Hart and Shark Tank

The ongoing Season 13 of ‘Shark Tank’ has boasted top drawer guests like Nirav Tolia, Emma Grede, but unlike them, Shark Kevin Hart has a fondness for the series that he has poked fun at over the years.

Fans know that Hart is an award-winning actor, savvy investor, and astute entrepreneur carving a new perspective and desire to inspire the country’s sharpest entrepreneurs in this new episode.

First into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, California, who pitch their fun tool that takes snacking to the next level. And they introduce this “out-of-this-world product” made from space-age materials they hope to lockdown in an ironclad patent.

Plus, entrepreneurs from Flossmoor, Illinois, present a new social network that allows fans to have a real connection with their favorite celebrities and influencers.

Lastly, entrepreneurs from Middletown, Delaware, and Vancouver, British Columbia, hope their independent Black content book publishing company will help change the way people learn about African history on an all-new episode boasting Hart as a guest.

Hart and Shark Tank, the history

A few years ago, Hart filmed a comedy short with the established shark, Mark Cuban, where he talked about kids and their love of sharks, with his Tiny Sharks for Tots business idea. But, unfortunately, Cuban wasn’t buying it:

And on SNL, Hart did a skit with Bill Hader and company as “Brian McShae” who offered the sharks a lamp with sunglasses, his company “We Put Sunglasses on Lamps, Crafters” was a hard sell, to say the least:

The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and guest Shark Kevin Hart.

“Shark Tank” airs on Friday (January 7) at 8:00-9:01 p.m. EST on ABC. (TV-PG) Watch episodes on demand and  Hulu the day following their premieres.

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